Why You Should Wait Until July 1st Before Switching From Google Reader

Google-Reader-Alternatives So everyone in the blogging community is talking about the news that as of July 1st Google Reader will be shutting down.

Many have already posted suggestions for alternatives and replacements.

Many more are already switching all of their feeds.

I happen to like this little piece of advice from Reditt’s Life Pro Tips

Google Reader Alternatives

Wait till July 1st to switch from Google Reader

The reason is simple. Only yesterday, people have begun to realize what a huge potential market Google reader is and many would start developing alternate readers starting today and many others would tweak their existing ones at a rapid pace.

The Bottom line, within the next 3 months there will be massive resources spent on building the best feed reader. By switching now, you will be choosing the feed reader on really old data and capabilities.

In 4 months, You will have plenty of good choices, many of them more polished than the ones currently available. You can select the one that matches your needs.

Also, there is a tiny chance that Google may itself respond to the backlash and put resources back and save Google Reader.

Don’t waste time on researching today’s best feed reader. That data will be obsolete in 3 months.

Do you guys use Google reader?

What do you guys think about this?

Is it smart to wait or switch now?


  • I’ve switched to Feedly, which is good for me because it’s useable across multiple platforms. I have both an iPad and an Android smartphone. And it’s good-looking and user-friendly.

    • I agree. I use use Feedly as well and have for quite some time. I love the clean look of it. I’m also glad to hear they are promising a smooth transition for all those that have their google reader feed linked with them.

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