Try This Trick (For Better Pizza) The Next Time You Call For Delivery

Pizza Trick


Today’s tip for better pizza comes from reddit user orderdigg:

If you want the best experience in pizza delivery, have them NOT cut the pizzas. Cut the pizzas after delivery using any utensil available and you’ll notice a huge improvement in quality.

The reason is because when you cook a pizza, the water in each ingredient rises to the top of the pizza and forms a pool of water. The amount of water depends on the type and quantity of ingredients so ingredients like shrimp, pineapple and most meats will have the most water content.

When they cut it right after cooking, the water goes into the cuts and the crust absorbs the water making the toppings slide when you take a slice.

If you wait until the pizza is at home and in one piece, the water has time to evaporate.

Now when you cut it, there is no water and the toppings stay put and everything tastes better because it’s not watered down.

Been doing this for years and will never go back.


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