Top 3 Amazing Uses for Deodorant You Don’t Want To Miss

Uses for deodorant

Uses for deodorant

Deodorant is one of those products that we all use (hopefully) daily. And while it’s main function of keeping the sweat and stink at bay is amazing enough, there are other benefits making this product way more useful than you could have imagined!? So next time you buy deodorant remember these top 3 amazing alternative uses.


1. Eliminate Sweaty Hands


You don’t have to be a gymnist to appreciate having dry hands. Whether you have an important meeting or a big date simply rub a little antiperspirant into your palms to keep them dry.


2. Protect Your Feet


Roll or spray a little deodorant on your feet. Why? You’ll keep them dry and keep blisters at bay not to mention the side benefit of a fresh smell.


3. Take the Itch out of Bug Bits


Apply a dab of deodorant onto a bug bite to reduce itching and irritation. Many deodorants contain ingredients designed to reduce skin irritation.

How to use Deodorant




Have you ever used deodorant in this way? Know of any other amazing uses not listed? Shoot us a comment below and let us know…


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