Top 12 Things You’ll Wish You Had In Your Car In An Emergency

What to keep in your car

For some a car is almost a second home.

It is said that the average american will spend 8 years of their life driving.

Are you prepared if your vehicle breaks down?

Do you have a disaster preparedness plan?

Don’t tempt fate: Keep basic tools and materials onboard at all times.

What to keep in your car


What To Keep In Your Car?


Here Are 12 Items You Should Always Keep In Your Vehicle

1. Rags: Keep a clean, Lint-Free rag 
in your vehicle to wipe your oil or transmission dipstick or to clean the inside of your windshield if it clouds up.
2. Spare parts: If you replace your spark plugs, save the old ones if they’re not too worn. Carry them in your trunk-compartment toolbox for quick replacements if necessary. The same goes for old air filters and other minor gizmos. A couple of extra nuts, bolts, and screws also are useful to have on hand.
3. Emergency parts: Carry a spare set of windshield wiper blades, an extra radiator cap, and extra fuses. If you plan to travel in hot weather in remote regions, top and bottom radiator hoses are a good idea. Although they’re more costly, it’s good to carry extra accessory belts.
4. Spare tire: Check your spare tire often. It’s humiliating to find that your spare is flat, just when you need it.
5. Lug wrench: A lug wrench is sometimes provided, along with a jack, on new vehicles. If you buy a lug wrench, get the cross-shaft kind, which gives you more leverage. You can get one Here.
6. A can of inflator/sealant: This item saves you the trouble of changing a flat on the road. It attaches easily to the valve stem on your flat tire and inflates the tire with goop that temporarily seals the puncture. Fix-A-Flat .
7. Jumper cables: One of the most common automotive malfunctions is the loss of power to start the engine, either from an old or faulty battery or from leaving the headlights on by mistake. This is a definite must.  Pick some up if you don’t have any.
8. Snow and ice equipment: If you live in a cold area, carry tire chains or a bag of sand. A small shovel is useful for digging your tires out, and a Scraper allows you to clear your windshield of snow and/or ice. A can of de-icer is useful in icy weather. Don’t forget a spare blanket and gloves too.
9. Flashlights and reflectors: A Flashlight in your glove compartment can help your kids locate dropped toys on the floor of the car, enable you to see under the hood if your vehicle breaks down, and serve as an emergency light for oncoming traffic if you have to stop on the road for repairs. Most phones work as a good flashlight too but you never know when you might need to conserve that battery.
10. First-aid kit:  Choose one that’s equipped with a variety of bandages, tweezers, surgical tape, antibiotic ointment, something soothing for burns, and a good antiseptic. Here is a great All Purpose First Aid Kit (140 items)
11. Hand cleaner: Most hand cleaners are basically grease solvents.
12. Gloves: Keep a pair of gloves in the vehicle for emergencies. Industrial rubber gloves
Industrial rubber gloves aren’t affected by gasoline, solvent, or battery acid.


This is just a basic list of things to keep in your car.

I urge you to get these things together if you don’t have them in your car already. You never know when you might need them. 

Better safe than sorry…

What to keep in your car


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