This Week’s Top 10 Completely Random But Incredibly Useful Tips

Completely Random Tips

Completely Random Tips

1. Bananas will stay unripe in your fridge for almost 2 weeks! The outside still turns brown, but the inside stays as it would be if the outside was green.

2. Prevent the nozzle on a can of spray paint from becoming plugged by turing it upside down and spraying for 1-2 seconds after using.

3. To make your house smell good in a jiffy, spray air freshener into your AC intake vent when it is running.

4. Don’t have a knife, no worries. Grab some dental floss and hold it taut to cut butter, brownies, cakes, soft cheeses, and many other soft foods. Move it side to side to make a clean cut.

5. Use a baby wipe to quickly shine your shoes and brighten your day.

6. Bait mouse traps with peanut butter instead of cheese. Mice are not instinctively attracted to cheese. Instead, bait the trap with a dab of peanut butter.

7. CTRL+2 double spaces a Word document while CTRL+1 single spaces it. No more paragraph settings needed.

8. When you subscribe to magazines, use fake names. Then you’ll know who’s responsible when you receive junk mail.

9. Fluff up your omelets with baking soda. For every three eggs used, add 1/2 teaspoons of baking soda.

10. Avoid lost or stolen wallet panic by photocopying everything important in your wallet from credit cards to gym memberships. This way you you’ll know what you’ve lost and whom you have to call to report it.

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