This Week’s Completely Random But Incredibly Useful Tips! Problems & Fixes Edition

Useful Tips Week problems and fixes

This week’s tips involve 10 common problems and their simple yet many times un-common fixes.

Useful Tips Week problems and fixes

THE PROBLEM: Leaky faucet driving you crazy with that -drip-drip-drip.

THE FIX: Tie a piece of string to the spout so that it hangs from the end of the faucet to the bottom of the basin. The water will ride down the string quietly. Then…call the plumber!


THE PROBLEM: Bread going stale or moldy too quick

THE FIX:  Transfer your bread from a plastic bag to a paper bag if you live in an area with high humidity. The bread will stay fresher longer – the crust will remain crisp and the center will stay soft.


THE PROBLEM: Nail polish chips off to easily.

THE FIX: Paint your clean bare nails with white vinegar and let it dry. When you apply the polish, it will stay on without chipping for days longer.


THE PROBLEM: Your flower wilt and die too soon.

THE FIX: Spray the undersides of your cut flowers (the leaves and petals) with hair spray to prolong their life. Stand about a foot away when you spray them for best results.


THE PROBLEM: You slammed your arm or leg into something and you feel an ugly bruise coming on.

THE FIX: Rub the surface of your skin with some alcohol-based mouthwash. Not only will it alleviate the pan but it will also cut down on the discoloration of the bruise.


THE PROBLEM: You have one of those annoying headaches you just can’t seem to get rid of.

THE FIX: Tie a bandanna around your forehead, tightening it until you feel pressure at several points around your head. The bandanna will reduce the flow of blood to your scalp, which in turn will reduce the pain you feel from swollen blood vessels.


THE PROBLEM: It hurts every time you swallow because of your sore throat.

THE FIX: Tomato juice – the acids in tomato juice take the sting out of a sore throat. Make a solution of 1/2 cup tomato juice and 1/2 cup water, and add a couple drops of hot sauce. Gargle with this mixture several times, and the burning will subside in your painful throat.


THE PROBLEM: Squirrels are raiding your bird feeder.

THE FIX: Grease the pole of the feeder liberally with shortening such as Crisco. Squirrels will soon learn to forage elsewhere, and your favorite birds can return to the table.


THE PROBLEM: During winter your car door locks freeze overnight.

THE FIX: Cover your car door locks with magnets overnight. They’ll prevent the locks from freezing – and your hands from freezing as you try to defrost the locks!


THE PROBLEM: You can never find the beginning of a roll of transparent tape.

THE FIX: Place a paper clip under the end of the tape every time you use it. Not only will this help you find the beginning but it will also allow you to lift the tape in one piece!

*fixes via Reader’s Digest Five Minute Fixes



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    On the headache one, I read ‘banana’ instead of ‘bandanna’. Thought you’d lost your mind!!

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