The Number One Ingredient to Reaching Your Goals



What is the difference between the person who is being productive, getting things done, and reaching their goals compared to the person who seems to be just getting by with no results?

The answer is MOTIVATION

Have you ever noticed the moments when you feel most energized, confident and in control? Usually it is those times when we sense something positive is going to happen. On the contrary when we fear we’re going to lose or fail, we are de-energized and freeze with zero confidence resulting in negative results. That’s why motivation is the key to unlocking productivity and keeping those productive pipes flowing.

Let’s face it life is hard and we all experience the ups and downs. There are times when we feel like we could conquer the world and then there are times when we feel like the world has conquered us. Motivation is equally important in good times and bad. The person who wants to live a productive life must regularly schedule motivational input, just as surely as they will schedule putting food into their stomach. Motivation is the mental fuel that keeps you going.

 Top 3 benefits of staying motivated:

 1) Increased ENERGY – the more energized you feel the more motivated you become, the more motivated you become the more energy you have…do you see the cycle here.

2) Increased MOMENTUM – You perform better and learn more when you are up and excited about where you are going than when you are down.

3) Increased CONFIDENCE – Feeling confident is a nice side effect of really tapping into whatever motivates you and on top of that increases your ability to perform.

Finding motivation for what you do (or want to do) and keeping that motivation in front you us is the single most important thing to being productive  and reaching your goals because it spreads to all other areas of your life.


“Motivation fuels that attitude that builds the confidence necessary to sustain the persistence”.

Zig Ziglar


What do you find motivates you? Do you schedule regular intake of motivation? I want to hear from you and what works to keep you motivated…

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