The Answer to Why You Keep Forgetting Things

Why you keep forgetting

Why you keep forgetting

It seems like we are always being bombarded with some type of information – from our computers or phones. As it happens, information overload has an unexpected cost, it actually fries our memory.

Ever feel like you have that information overload? Do you find yourself forgetting more and more things? It could be you are trying to dangerously multitask, juggling too many things and once.

The fact is we live in a fast paced world but we must never underestimate the power of rest.

According to new research published a few weeks ago in the journal Psychological Science shows, counter-intuitively, that one of the best ways to enhance memory is to take a short break after you learn something new.


Psychology Today points out the following:


Whether you are trying to remember information for a test, a pitch to a client, or even a phone message to relay to your spouse, resting for a few moments after you initially commit the information to mind may make the difference between successfully recalling it at a later point in time versus racking your brain to no avail.

Sitting quietly with your eyes closed for just a few minutes can mean the difference between successfully committing important information to mind versus forgetting it.


Is this new information to you? Did you “learn” something by reading this?

If so (after you refer this post 😉 )…stop reading and REST for a few minutes and maybe you will actually remember what the key was to remembering!



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