Productivity – How To Be More Productive By Asking This One Simple Question

Bottom line to productivity

Bottom line to productivity

Ahh Productivity. The word alone inspires some and scares others. Why is it that we struggle so much with staying productive?

Is it the constant barrage of distractions?

Is it the ever-increasing need for stimulation and entertainment?

How bout the fact that we have a shorter attention span than any other time in history?

We don’t even read full articles or blog posts anymore, we skim them. We devour information like we devour fast food. We want it quick and convenient. The percentage of you that will even continue to read the rest of this post is staggeringly low.

The truth is, all these factors play a part in the constant battle to stay productive. So how do we know if we are gaining ground or if we are falling behind? Well  over at Pick The Brain  explains this perfectly:

In order to measure our productivity…

…”we measure the time we had available in each day and then we measure the time we were productive, the time when we were working on the projects that led us closer to our goals.

We can then divide our productive time by the total time available to calculate our productivity in percentage form”.

So in order to be more productive we must first be aware of how much time is used up in unproductive ways such as checking email, Facebook, rss feeds, and anything else that is not moving us closer to our goals.

Most people have no idea how much time is actually spent on these kinds of activities until they actually start to monitor it. It is the same principle as setting a budget with our finances. We don’t really know where all our money goes until we start tracking it. The same is true in tracking productivity.

Once you set a budget for your productivity only then can you start to study yourself and find out which methods work best for you. There are endless tips and methods to increase productivity. You just have to find out which method fits you best.

If you need a little more inspiration Stepcase Lifehack has written a fantastic post highlighting some of the best productivity tips out there. You can find the link to that article here:

35 Quick and Simple Tips for Better Productivity.

I have personally used several of the tips listed with great success.


The Bottom Line


I have come to realize there are really only 2 kinds of time when it comes to productivity:

  1. Production Time
  2. Consumption Time

The difference between the two is pretty obvious and that is the golden question when it comes to tracking your productivity.

Ask yourself right now if you are spending time consuming material or producing. Keep asking yourself this question throughout the day and pretty soon you will be able to determine rather quickly where your time is spent.

In order to stay productive and get things done I have found that a ratio of 3:1 works best.

So for every one hour of consumption there needs to be 3 hours of production.


the bottom line to productivity


Have you found this to be true in your productivity journey? Have you ever tracked your production time vs. consumption time?




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