Productivity Hack: How To Stay Disciplined After Your Motivation Wears Off

Productivity-Hack I’ll be the first to admit that my to-do list stresses me out.

It seems like there is just not enough time in the day to get everything done.

Can you relate?

Gregory Ciotti of the Sparring Mind, a behavioral psychology blog, addresses the issue of productivity this way:

In today’s busy world, we seem to be obsessed with the idea of “productivity” and “work hacks”.

It’s easy to see why: being able to get more done allows us to get ahead in life, and even gives us more time to do the things we love outside of work.

The problem we run into, however, is that it is easy to get motivated, but hard to stay disciplined.

This is because most of us look at productivity in the wrong way:

Today, we’ll look at what science has unveiled about the human brain and productive work, and you’ll learn how to tackle the biggest pitfalls that sabotage your ability to get things done.

Check out this 3 minute video that was put together by the Sparring Mind and ASAPscience to learn about how productivity really works. Fascinating stuff.

Gregory Ciotti is the founder of Sparring Mind, the behavioral psychology blog with over 100,000+ awesome readers and a highly popular newsletter.

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