This Week’s Completely Random But Incredibly Useful Tips

Useful Tips Week 9.16

Do you love little tips to make life easier? I do too. This week I have rounded up some great little tips from around the web. From making your food taste better to making your perfume last longer. You are sure to find something useful. 1. Soothe Aching Feet. Apply a thick coat of chest…

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5 Simple Exercises To Tone Up Those Flabby Arms

Flabby Arms

Flabby arms are one of the problem areas that many women face. While flabby arms may result from excess weight, they can also just occur naturally over time due to age. As the skin sags, arms tend to look flabbier, especially in the bicep and triceps area. The good news is there is something you can…

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7 Ways to Make Your Child Feel Special

7 Ways to make your child feel special

This picture is a reminder at just how much value our kids place on moments like these. Those little moments that may seem ordinary or maybe even boring to an adult are flat-out magical to a child. As parents we only have so many of these moments with our children before they will be up and grown.…

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Why We Can’t Ignore Texts, Tweets, Email, & Facebook

Social Addiction

I recently heard about a table game that people are playing now where everyone at the table puts their cell phone on the table when they first sit down to eat. The object of the game is to see who can go the longest without picking up their phone. No matter how many times their…

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Top 24 Details About The New iPhone 5 and iOS 6

Top iPhone details

With all the hype and buzz about the new Apple iPhone 5 coming out and the new IOS 6 available September 19th I decided to give a very basic rundown of everything you need to know. This is a short and sweet version that you can hopefully read rather quickly so you are up to…

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6 Simple Yoga Poses To Cure a Headache

Yoga Poses3

Tired of getting that nagging headache and popping pills left and right? I used to think this was the only way to find relief until I stumbled across these simple yoga poses. Since headaches can be caused by a variety of reasons like tension in your neck, tight shoulders, or back pain, these yoga poses are designed to…

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20 Fitness Quotes to Bring Out Your Inner Beast

20 Workout Quotes

Sometimes you need that extra push to get you going. Whenever I need to workout but I don’t feel like (Which is often) I read through a few quotes to get me in the right frame of mind. These are some of my favorites to get me motivated and  put some fuel on that fire…enjoy…

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The Real Truth About Why You Might Bomb That Interview


So you finally got that coveted interview huh? With competition for jobs at an all time high you want to make sure that you nail it! Here are some things you need to keep in mind besides just the interview questions.   Prepare and practice! I can’t stress this enough. “Preparation breeds confidence!” So after the…

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Try This Trick (For Better Pizza) The Next Time You Call For Delivery

Pizza Trick

  Today’s tip for better pizza comes from reddit user orderdigg: If you want the best experience in pizza delivery, have them NOT cut the pizzas. Cut the pizzas after delivery using any utensil available and you’ll notice a huge improvement in quality. The reason is because when you cook a pizza, the water in…

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This Week’s Top 10 Completely Random But Incredibly Useful Tips

Completely Random Tips

1. Bananas will stay unripe in your fridge for almost 2 weeks! The outside still turns brown, but the inside stays as it would be if the outside was green. 2. Prevent the nozzle on a can of spray paint from becoming plugged by turing it upside down and spraying for 1-2 seconds after using.…

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