New Service Alerts You When Something You’re Looking For Becomes Available on Craigslist


Ok raise your hand if you have bought or sold something on Craigslist in the last year.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last 5 years you are well aware of the incredible bargains available on Craigslist. Depending on what you are searching for the competition can be pretty high on certain items. Even a couple hours can make the difference between you getting the best deal on that car or “gently used item” and missing it completely. You have a small window of opportunity.


But Who Has The Time To Sit Around And Keep Checking Craigslist?


This is where NotiCraig comes in. A new service that gives you all the tools you need to craft the perfect Craigslist search for whatever you’re looking for, and then sends you email notifications as soon as it appears on the site. Whether it’s appliances or apartments, the service helps you get the jump on an item as it’s posted.



How NotiCraig Works


1. You type in a search term

2. Select a category and location

3. Enter the maximum price you want to spend on an item

4. Enter your name/email address.

5. NotiCraig creates your notification, and from then on you’ll get email as soon as a matching item is posted.

Noticraig 2

Pretty simple right!? So the next time you’re on a hunt for something pull out your secret weapon and get first dibs before the competition.

Check out NotiCraig

Source* Lifehacker – NotiCraig Sends You Email When Items You Want Appear On Criagslist

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