New Motivational Caffeine Breakthrough Series Part 1: How To Up Your Deserve Level


Are you ready to move forward – not just a step or two, but a whole level?

Are you ready to leap into a new existence of achievement and power?

Are you ready to leave your old life behind and move right into the life you deserve?

Of course you are – or so you say. But if you were so ready, wouldn’t you be there already?

Maybe. And maybe not.

Maybe as much as you long for this dream world, you are also a little scared, a little nervous, a little hesitant. Maybe as much as you say you’re ready, you’re blocking your own way.

The good news is, if you’re your own worst enemy, then the only thing standing between you and the life you’ve always imagined is… you! And once you recognize the issues that are holding you back, you can address them, one at a time.

That’s what I hope to help you do over the next several weeks in this new 10-part series. I’ll discuss some of the main ways you can achieve lasting change and progress towards your dreams. It won’t be easy, but it’ll be life-changing – if you are willing to do the work.


Let’s go!




We Can Only Achieve As High As We Think We Can.


Try this little exercise: Stand up and extend your arms out on both sides of your body. Close your eyes and, turning at the waist, see how far you can twist to one side without causing yourself bodily harm. Open your eyes and make a mental note of where you are pointing behind you. Now, close your eyes and imagine yourself going a little farther. Ready, twist! Open your eyes and see if you surpassed your previous point. If you’re like most people, you did.

Why didn’t you go further the first time? For the simple reason that you didn’t think you could. Once you imagined yourself going further, you did. It’s not very complicated!

Belief Quote

If your mental beliefs impose limits on your physical stretching, it make sense that they’ll limit your mental and spiritual achievement, too. So you need to ask yourself what limits you’re putting on your:

  • …dreams. Are you dreaming big enough?
  • …income potential. Are you unnecessarily limiting your income or salary?
  • …relationships. Do you doubt what you can achieve in your friendships and family life?
  • …physical health. Are you accepting less than the best because you think you’re too old or too out of shape?


The first step to changing your boundaries is to “up” your deserve level.


3 Things That Block You From Accepting That You Deserve The Best:


  • Envy. Envy is the result of a scarcity mindset. You think that if someone else gets something – a great job, a new car, a book deal – that you can’t have it, too. That is not the way the universe works. Just because someone else gets something doesn’t mean no one else can ever have that. Hey, even Brad Pitt has been engaged more than once! Realize that whatever anyone else in this world has – from a great body to a great family to a great career – you can have it, too. Use their example to inspire rather than depress you.


  • Fear. Fear is one of the greatest de-motivators. It’s hard to feel limitless and powerful when you’re shaking in your shoes! It’s natural to feel scared of breaking outside your normal boundaries, but remind yourself that all growth takes place outside your comfort zone. To grow, you must push your own limits, by definition. Get comfortable with discomfort – see it as a sign of growth, much like aching muscles indicate you worked out hard and are getting stronger.


  • Laziness. We get used to where we are and decide it’s good enough because we don’t really want to have to work harder. Time for a harsh truth: If you want an extraordinary life, you’re going to have to go to some out-of-the-ordinary measures. That means whipping yourself, bribing yourself, coaching yourself, whatever it takes to motivate yourself to move beyond “average.”


Moving upward and onward starts with believing you deserve to have more and be more. It’s essential to own your dreams – and dream big.

In part two of this breakthrough series we’ll be discussing the importance of surrounding yourself with the right people. Stay tuned…




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    Very disappointing article. In no way did you mention ‘how’ to up your deserve level. You’re only suggesting, not helping. So, go fuck yourself you self-help waste-of-time wannabe.

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