Just In Time For Valentines Day – Disney’s Oscar Nominated Short “Paperman” – Watch It Now

Disney's Paperman

I have a treat for you guys today.

If you haven’t seen Disney’s newest Oscar nominated animated short called “Paperman” then you are missing out …and unless you caught “Wreck-It-Ralph” during its theatrical run you certainly haven’t seen it in it’s entirety…until now ūüôā

This is a beautiful and touching little film that is so fun to watch. It’s amazing how Disney can make these little films with absolutely no words and yet still be so entertaining.

This 7 minute-long film (which was helmed by¬†John Kahrs, a first-time director) is kind of an urban fairytale. In that it recounts one man’s desperate efforts to attract the attention of a beautiful young lady in the skyscraper directly across the way.

Now don’t let this charming, deceptively simple-looking film fool you. Though¬†Paperman¬†may have a limited color palette (i.e. grey, white, black & red), the sky’s the limit when it comes to the innovative technology that actually made this animated short possible. Which brings the expressive & organic feel of traditional hand-drawn Disney animation to the CG world.


Ok, I know that Valentine’s Day is still more than a week away at this point. But trust me, folks. Paperman is something that you’re going to want to share with someone you care about today.

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