How You May Be Sabotaging Your Life Without Knowing It



Have you ever thought about what you think about? You might need to read that again? Seriously stop for a minute and think about all the thoughts that run through your mind in a given day. Do you have any sort of filter for what thoughts you choose to think on?

You wouldn’t just throw whatever food was before you into your body without thinking about what it is and what consequences it might have on your health would you? Well…maybe you would, but you would at least feel somewhat guilty about it if you chose unwisely right? Well an even more important factor in our ability to be productive and achieve our goals is what we feed our mind. Think about this quote for a minute

“Your Mind Acts on What You Feed it.”

So the question is, “What do you put in your mind?” What kind of fuel are you giving it?

Several years ago the New York Times pointed out that many people have every reason to be negative about themselves and their lives. If they were neglected or abused as a child, if they were sick or poverty-stricken, if they were never loved or encouraged then it was simply their right to think negatively.

What happens if you fit into this category and you really do have every reason in the world to be negative?

  • Accept the fact that failure is an event not a person
  • Remember that yesterday really did end last night, and today is a new day. Live in the present.
  • Understand that you are what you are and where you are because of what’s gone into your mind.

“When you change your thinking you change your actions; when you change your actions you change your future.”

So How Do I Change My Thinking?


1. Make it a point to read books that are inspiring, upbeat, and positive

2. Attend seminars with people who have positive attitudes and who are excited about life

3. Get rid of negative people in your life or at least change the atmosphere with positive words when they are around

4. Listen to motivational and inspirational CD’s or podcasts


In a matter of days your thinking will slowly start to shift. In a few months you will start to notice a measurable difference and feel yourself headed in the right direction with goals purposely written down and a good chance of reaching them.


Try it? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Do you find this to be true of yourself or those you know? How do you feed your mind with positive fuel?

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