How To Remove Wallpaper Without Losing Your Mind

How To Remove Wallpaper

One of fastest way’s to spruce up a room is to give it a new paint job. Many times however there is some wallpaper to be removed. This can be a big pain if not done the right way. If you are short on patience. Check out the method below for removing wallpaper and save yourself a headache.

How To Remove Wallpaper

Removing Wallpaper – The Easy Way

7 Things You Will Need For Easy Wallpaper Removal.

    1. Pre- taped  plastic drop cloth
    2. A bucket of water
    3. A paint roller and pan
    4. A perferator
    5. A Scraper
    6. Wallpaper removing solvent
    7. A bucket full of patience 😉


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Wallpaper Remover Tools

Here are some great and easy to use wallpaper removal tools if you need some for your upcoming project.

A lot of people prefer to buy a wallpaper removal kit. If that’s you, I have found this kit to be pretty popular with some great reviews. You can check it out here

If you are only in need of 1 or 2 things I’ve included links to all the items mentioned in the video:

How To Remove Wallpaper

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