How To Hang Pictures & Mount Small Objects Perfectly Every Time

how to hang-pictures-perfectly

how to hang-pictures-perfectly


Sooner or later everybody runs into the problem of hanging pictures or mounting things.

It can be extremely frustrating trying to get it straight without making multiple holes in the wall.

Check out these handy little tips for saving yourself the headache.


To Mount Or Hang Small Objects


I came across this genius idea from for hanging smaller objects.

how to hang pictures

I used to hate hanging objects, like power strips, that have hidden T-slots on the back. No matter how carefully I measured, I could never get the mounting screws in the right place on the wall. Then I realized that I could make a perfect full-size copy of the pattern on standard 8-1/2 by 11-in. paper using my scanner and printer (a photocopy machine would work, too). I taped the pattern where I wanted to mount the power strip, drilled the holes and set the screws. Shazam! It worked perfectly.


How To Hang Pictures Perfectly Every Time


Pin-It-Forward-small how to hang pictures

1. Simply put a little dab of toothpaste right on the end of the hook.

2. Take your picture and hold it up where you want it without touching the wall.

3. Once it is where you want it, gently tap the frame against the wall. You will leave a little toothpaste mark on the wall.

4. Hammer your nail where the toothpaste mark is

5. Wipe toothpaste of the wall

6. Hang your picture perfectly 😉

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