How to Delete Multiple Emails from Your iPad in 2 Easy Steps



Deleting messages in iPad’s mail app does not seem terribly easy. Opening up each mail item and deleting one by one almost ensures that all the increased productivity you gained by getting the device is canceled out.

But it is an Apple, so of course there is an easier way. Two, to be precise:

Mass Delete Mails:

1. Open your Inbox, or any other folder of your mailbox. Tap the Edit button in the upper right of the message list to reveal empty circles to the left of each item.



 2. Tap to place a check in the circles next to the messages you want to delete.



 3. When you are ready to delete, tap the Delete button at the bottom right of the pane, and tap again to confirm the deletion.


VIOLA!  This method can be used on any mail folder




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