How Clicking A Giant Checkmark Is Helping Thousands (Including Me) Create New Habits

We all know habits are powerful.

We also know they can be hard to break.

But sometimes the hardest thing can simply be starting a new habit.


It’s been said “Change your habits – Change your life.”

I know, I know…easier said than done.

But what if it didn’t have to be so hard?

What if you had a little help?

What if you could get on a “Good Streak”?

What if you could finally stick to your resolutions?


Introducing the Lift App:



Lift app for habits

With New Years quickly approaching now is the time to start thinking about those good old resolutions.

But this time try getting a little help at making them actually stick.

What am I talking about?

Well Lift is a free habit-tracking app for iPhone and the web.

Lift starts out by asking you to choose goals that you’d like to turn into habits.

Examples include:

  • ~ Read
  • ~ Run
  • ~ Sleep 8 hours
  • ~ Even things like – Tell wife I love her

then it blasts reminders to your phone. As you track your progress, friends (and yes, strangers) send props, share tips and hold you accountable.

My Experience

I’ve started using the app myself recently after hearing about it from Pat Flynn of the Smart Passive Income Blog and I’ve gotta say – It really does help. I’ve always struggled with trying to get new habits to stick so I have to admit when I first downloaded the app I was a little skeptical. I remember thinking

“How in the world is this thing supposed to help me develop and stick to a new habit?”

And I still don’t really know how it does it…but it does. There is something empowering about clicking this giant check mark when done. It’s extremely motivating and provides an almost silly amount of gratification.



But I’m Not The Only One…


Lift has received lots of major attention recently from the likes of the New York Times, Fast Company, Lifehacker, Yahoo News and even who had this to say…

“Best are the rewards: clicking a giant checkmark and gaining a sense of momentum on your frequency chart, which (for better and for worse) is visible to the whole community.”



Check out this excerpt from – which calls it “More Satisfying than checking in on Facebook.” Wow, that’s a bold statement these days!

“A user chooses habit(s) to cultivate and checks in whenever the intended action is performed.

Accomplishing the intended action is your small personal victory and the app allows you to celebrate it with a simple act of check in. And one can actually extract a good dose of satisfaction when clicking on the innocuous button. Indeed, it is far more satisfying than checking in on foursquare or Facebook.”


So with 2014 on the horizon I encourage you to start thinking about what goals you would like to turn into habits.

Give the lift app a try to help you stay motivated & consistent.

Join me on the habit hacking journey.

You never know what’s possible unless you try.

No more excuses – Just Do IT!

More on Lift

If you would like to hear more about Lift – Check out this behind the scenes interview with Lift Co-Founder Tony Stubblebine from the Smart Passive Income Podcast. – Lift App Is Probably The Most Affordable Self-Help Product Ever Created

Your Turn

What is your experience with starting and keeping new habits?

Do you know anyone who struggles with resolutions or creating new positive habits?

Please share this post with them. They will thank you for it…and so will I 😉 

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  • That’s a great recommendation, Joseph. You have any recommendation for Droid users like me? I’m using one now called ‘The Habit Factor’. It’s good in associating habits to goals, but doesn’t have a giant checkmark like Lift app.

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