Fix The ios7 Battery Life Issue in 5 Minutes – 10 Step-By-Step Fixes

ios7 battery life fix

ios7 battery life fix

I was excited about the new ios 7 and unlike many others I actually like the new design. One thing I don’t like however is the new shorter life span of my phone’s battery. I had to plug my phone in 3 times in one day when before usually an overnight charge would last me all day. This sent me down a google hunt to find the cause and quickest fixes for this annoyance. I’m happy to say I’ve identified 10 things you can do in the next five minutes to greatly improve your phone’s battery life if you are having the same problem.


10 Step-By-Step Fixes For The ios7 Battery Issue


1. Turn Off or Reduce Notifications

Notifications can be important. But many apps use notifications when the really aren’t necessary – games can be really bad about this. Turning off notifications for apps that you don’t use can help you save some battery life, as well as prevent apps from annoying you unnecessarily.

How To Do It

To turn off notifications go to settings > Notifications 


2. Lower the Screen Brightness

Not only can reducing the brightness of your screen be much easier on the eyes, it can also help significantly increase your battery life, as the display uses more power than almost any other part of your device.

How To Do It

You can adjust the brightness by double-tapping the home button and swiping to the left.

3. Use Airplane Mode

This applies mainly to the iPod touch and the iPad. When you aren’t doing something that needs internet access, setting your device on airplane mode can save battery life by preventing your device from searching for wireless signals.

How To Do It

Airplane mode can be enabled by entering Settings, and tapping on Airplane Mode.

4. Disable Location Services

Many apps, including Apple’s standard camera app, can retrieve location information while you are using your device. Determining your location takes battery power, so if you don’t need your apps to have access to this data, you can turn location services off. You can also disable location services for each app you have installed by entering Settings, and tapping on Location Services.

How To Do It

Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Toggle everything OFF that you don’t use

5. Change The Frequency of Receiving Mail

Depending on which email service or services you use, different default settings can apply to your mail. Some services, such as iCloud, use push, which delivers messages to your phone the instant they are received in your inbox. Other services, such as Gmail, are set to retrieve email messages less often.

By setting your email preference to “fetch,” which only downloads messages when you enter, can save a lot of battery life by preventing Mail from constantly connecting to the internet or downloading mail.

How To Do It

This is done through the Mail, Contacts, Calendars pane in Settings (Settings > Mail > Fetch New Data.)

  • 6. Turn Off Siri’s “Raise to Speak” Feature.

Raise to Speak constantly checks for motion and facial proximity to activate Siri when you life your iPhone to your ear. These things naturally waste battery power you could use for other things.

How To Do It

Settings > General > Siri > Toggle off Raise to Speak

 7. Quit And/Or Disable Background Apps

With iOS 7, Apple now allows more apps than ever to continue running tasks in the background. Manually closing background apps has been less useful in previous versions of iOS – but it can be crucial in iOS 7!

How To Do It

To do this, just double-tap your home button, and swipe up on each running app to force it to close.

8. Don’t Use Dynamic Wallpaper

Dynamic moving wallpapers certainly look neat, but like other eye candy it uses more resources. Thus, disabling the moving wallpapers can help with battery life:

How To Do It

Settings > Wallpapers & Brightness > Choose Wallpaper > Stills > Pick anything that doesn’t move

9. Turn Off Auto App Updates

Having your apps automatically update sure is convenient, but it also causes activity on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch when it’s not in use, and that means it’ll drain your battery.

How To Do It

Settings > iTunes & App Store > Automatic Downloads > Updates to OFF

10. Turn Off Motion and Parallax

The motion features of iOS 7 sure look fancy and provide some nice eye candy, but they also use system resources to function. Turn it off:

How To Do It

Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion – ON


How About You:

Have you been having battery life issues?

Do you have any other fixes that have worked for you?

Please share this with others that might benefit from this too! 


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    Not being able to use many of the features on the phone would still be unacceptable to me. I would suggest you go to the closest Apple store and have them look at it. I had a problem a few months ago and they did a diagnostic on the phone, opened it up and reset the battery. Now it was working good as new again.. Good Luck with your issue.

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