A 30 Second Trick To Happiness

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The story is told of a farmer who had lived on the same farm all his life. it was a good farm, but with the passing years, the farmer began to tire of it. He longed for a change – for something “better.” Every day he found a new reason for criticizing some feature of the old place.

Finally, he decided to sell, and listed the farm with a real estate broker who promptly prepared a sales advertisement. As one might expect, it emphasized all the farm’s advantages:

Before placing the ad in the newspaper, the realtor called the farmer and read the copy to him for his approval. When he had finished, the farmer cried out,

“Hold everything! I’ve changed my mind. I am not going to sell. I’ve been looking for a place like that all my life.”

 Perspective Changes Everything


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Just because you view things a certain way doesn’t mean that is how they really are. We can all fall into this trap of framing everything in a negative light. We start to look at other people’s lives and compare it with our own. The problem is we are only looking for the things that they have and we don’t. And here is little life secret…

“You will find what you are looking for”

You Choose What You See

The farmer in the story above only saw all the things that were wrong with his farm while the real estate broker saw everything the farm had to offer.

Same farm – different perspective

What Are You Choosing To See?

Are you looking at all the things wrong with your life?

Are you in the habit of searching out the negative?


Right this minute take a moment and “choose” to look for the good in your life.You’ll be amazed at how you will find what you look for!

Take the next 30 seconds to write a quick positive review of your life. No criticism allowed. Take some mental notes of all the blessings in your life. Write them down if you want. Keep them close by. The next time that dark cloud of negativity and discontentment creeps up – make the choice to change your perspective.

Abraham Lincoln


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