7 Surprising Things You Should Be Doing To Better Your Life

Better-life quotes

Better-life quotes

Your life consists of the experiences that you have with the people you love and the matters of your heart, mind, and soul.

Why is it that some people really enjoy their lives and others just exist?

Is it by chance?

Are some just luckier than others?

I think not.

This topic was brought up in a recent interview with psychologist and best selling author Dr. Henry Cloud. Cloud has spent years studying people and asking the question “what makes people genuinely happy.” Throughout his years of research he found that people who reported the highest level of satisfaction with life were those who took responsibility for creating the life they wanted. They all had similar actions in common…


7 Things To Get Your Life Going Better


1. Get Uncomfortable. Research shows that people are much happier when they are active and engaged in their passions. So why do so few people take action in pursuing their dreams? The answer – it’s uncomfortable. Sure, it might be risky. There might be rejection. Someone might laugh at you for half a second. Who cares. It’s better than the alternative of living a stagnant life of no purpose. Uncomfortable is a good thing. It means you’re growing, your engaged, and active in your life.

Comfort Zone Quotes

2. Get Rejected. In a recent Ted Talk by titled Suprising Lessons From 100 Days of Rejection, Jia Jiang shares his inspiring journey of facing rejection head on. He made a purposeful effort to start asking for things in which he knew he would get rejected. For instance when he was getting his haircut he would tell the barber that he wanted it cut like a German Shepard. When ordering coffee at Starbucks he would ask if he could have a 20% discount. This was all done of course to get over the fear of rejection that holds so many of us captive. Think about what you could do if you no longer had this fear.

3. Get Active. You can’t be active and passive at the same time. By default most of us will choose to be passive. Let’s face it, a passive nature is comfortable. It keeps you from taking steps that scare you. But it also keeps you from taking steps that will enrich your life. Taking action requires well…action. Start small by putting yourself out there little by little:

  • Speak up in that meeting
  • Start that new training course
  • Have that hard conversation
  • Sign up for that class at the gym
  • Make that difficult phone call

4. Get Rid of Envy. Envy is always focused on what you don’t have. It says things like, “I’ll be happy when_____…, or “If only I had that____ then i would be happy.” It’s always looking at that

  • new car
  • better job
  • perfect relationship.

It’s the classic “grass is always greener” effect. And it’s dangerous. The worst part about Envy…IT’S NEVER SATISFIED. Even when you finally get something that you were previously envious about – now envy wants more because it is ALWAYS FOCUSED ON WHAT IT DOESN’T HAVE.

5. Get Gratitude. Gratitude The opposite of Envy is gratitude. Gratitude is being grateful for all the things you do have.

  • The car that gets you where you need to go
  • The job that pays the bills
  • The relationship that’s growing

Gratitude is making the choice to water your own grass instead of focusing on the illusion of the greener grass. I don’t think anyone says it better than Henry Cloud in his book The Law of Happiness,

So if you want to improve your happiness, look at your orientation to the moments before you each and every day. Embrace them. Savor and celebrate the good things. Meditate on the experiences and memories that have meaning for you. Taste, touch, smell, feel, look at, and embrace each gaze, meal, walk, and every other activity that you do. If you do that, you will be living your life now and will not have to wait for “when” whatever comes that you think will make you happy. Now is the time.

6. Get Connected.



Too many people spend all their energy on all the wrong things. In going for what they thought was going to make them happy, they lost the things that really do. I don’t mean to sound morbid but seriously, fast forward to your deathbed and work backwards from there.

  • What things will you be concerned about at the end of your life?
  • What regrets will you have?
  • What good memories will you cherish?
  • Who will be by your bedside? 

7. Get Going. You and you alone are responsible for the outcome of your life. It’s never to late to be who you might have been. Make a choice. Take action.  Go create the life you want. What are you waiting for…GET GOING! Happiness Quotes

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