6 Tips For Getting Over Awkwardness With Kids

Awkwardness around kids Do you ever hang out with kids?

If you are a parent then it is obvious you know what you’re doing.

But for many being around kids can be a bit awkward.

It used to be for me before I had my own.

Turns out this is a pretty common problem.

I came across this post from Reddit user riceandrain and thought I would share it here as well.

Awkward With Kids: Here are 6 Tips


I hang out with children for a living and thought I would share some basic tips for interacting with kids. This post mainly pertains to kids 3-10, but can be adjusted as needed. Also this list is for casual/familial contact with children, think meeting a girlfriends kids or thanksgiving with your cousins.


  1. After being introduced or asking their name remember it. Pretty basic right? Who doesn’t feel valued when a new friend (and that’s what you’re doing, making a new friend) remembers your name? But you would be surprised how many times a child gets introduced as “Nancy’s boy” or “Tom’s girlfriends daughter”.


If for some reason you are introducing them to someone new say this is my friend “insert name”. Is it cheesy? Maybe, but I haven’t met a child who minds and it’s sweet when they introduce me to their friends the same way.

  1. Boundaries. They are important, especially with kids. Don’t want to be “Uncle Jimmy who wrestles”, Then don’t start. Horse play around with them once and you will be asked to do it every time. Not that wrestling is a bad but expect two things a) The parents will most likely hate it, not because they think it is creepy but they don’t want them to bug you. b) You will hurt them. If I had a dime for every child that got hit by a rogue elbow or slipped from my grasp I would have two dimes…. Two very sad dimes.

  2. Don’t ask them about school. They like it “okay” and their favorite subject is recess. There are a couple of exceptions a) If they bring it up and b) If you know a child of similar age/grade/teacher that they may know.

  3. So what do you talk about? Just like talking with an adult try to find similar interests. Sports, dance class and movies are all good starting points. And depending on the age, your profound knowledge of Spongbob and Adventure Time could come in handy.

  4. Learn a skill (also known as a kid friendly party trick). I have two card tricks and know how to make three kinds of paper airplanes (simple enough to make in under a minute but complex enough to impress) up my sleeve at all times.

  5. Take the heat. Getting too loud? Paper airplane hit someone in the head? Take the fall, apologize and move on. Remember what it feels like to always get in trouble? Misspeak? Admit it immediately without saying things like “like you never make mistakes” or “you say stuff wrong all the time”. Adults admitting they are wrong are few and far between and doing so garners instant respect.

  6. Don’t be condescending. The only thing that separates them from adults is a little bit of time and experience. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you’re more intelligent than them, you’re just older


Do you have any other tips to add? 

What do you remember about being a kid?

Did anyone stand out to you because of the way they treated you?

Leave a comment below and share your experience or tip. I would love to hear them. 


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  • linda

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    I remember when i got my haircut as a child, i detested the convo the stylist would attempt.

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