6 Insider Tips From A Police Officer You’ll Wish You Knew When Bad Things Happen

Police Officer Tips

Would you trust someone who said “Here is what I think you should do in a fight” while that person has never been in a fight themselves? Of course not. Now if Muhammad Ali were to say “Here is what I think you should do in a fight” – different story right?

The below infographic comes from a site created by a police officer whose mission is to keep people safe and out of trouble. According to “Officer X”,

“This information came from both personal and professional experience.”

Police Officer Tips


On his website No Handcuffs, “Officer X” provides this infographic explaining what to do when:


“It’s easy to have a plan before something ever happens. Remembering and applying that plan when something bad happens is a whole other story. That’s where this infographic comes in. It was designed to help you in those times of when you don’t know what to do first. Do you actually know what to do if you’re involved in a car accident? What should you do if you get pulled over? How about if you get arrested?”

What to do when infographic

Don’t forget to pass this information on to your friends and family too. Officer X even recommends printing out a copy and keeping in your car.

“You will regret not doing it because you thought you would remember what to do. It’s easy to think “it would never happen to me.” Don’t get caught unprepared when it does happen.”

 Police Officer Tips

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