5 Lifehacks To Make Your Day Easier





Amazing Fire Starter: Save your dryer lint and rub it with vaseline or petroleum jelly to use as the best possible fire starter. Source: wikiHow: How to and DIY Survival Kit.




Use car wax and Rain-X to keep your bathroom clean: Try using Rain-X on your glass shower enclosure and car wax on your fiberglass tubs. The water just beads right off. No spots. Wahoo!

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For the one headphone listener: If you have an iPhone and you like to leave one headphone in when you listen to music then go to: Settings > General > Accessibility and turn on mono audio. This way if a song has different things playing in each headphone it won’t sound weird! It fills in the missing audio in the opposite headphone.



Automatically Track USPS on your iPhone notepad: Entering the USPS tracking number of your package into your iPhone’s notepad automatically makes it a clickable link that will take you to the “track your package” page of USPS, showing you where your package is and when to expect it.



Use your sink to remember stuff: If you need to remember something place something odd in your sink. You’ll find it in there later or the next morning when you’re getting ready and then remember why you did it.



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  • Kay Droege

    Reply Reply

    Time to give the tub and shower a good scrubbing. I’ll be using the rainX and wax this time.

    Thanks so much. I can see this working!


    • It’s definitely worth a try right!? It sure works wonders on the car windshield – only makes sense that it would help here too. Thanks for being a reader since day 1 🙂

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