4 Secrets To Keeping Your Kid’s Teeth Clean That They Will Actually ENJOY!

Kid Teeth cleaning Tips

Kid Teeth cleaning Tips

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“My kid(s) always brush their teeth without ever complaining, delaying, or having to be told”…….Said no parent….EVER!

I have yet to meet a parent who doesn’t struggle with getting their kid’s to brush their teeth.

Or getting them to care about the health of their teeth at all.

Most kids don’t enjoy this.

Mine included.

Heck…myself included.

What if there was a way to make it just a little more enjoyable and easy for parents kids to take care of their teeth?

Check out the following super simple tips from dental hygienist, Lynnette Gebhardt

Teeth Brushing Tips

So, following are a few tips for kids or cavity prone adults.



Then there’s no excuses about forgetting because no one’s going to school or ball practice in their pj’s.



This allows the fluoride a chance to “soak in” and do it’s job preventing cavities.  If you must rinse then…



This is especially good if your little one is cavity prone.  If they are, then do this every night before bed.



Yes, you read that right!  Chew gum containing xylitol.  Xylitol is a sugar found in birch and beech trees that plaque can’t digest.  This helps reduce the plaque and also fight cavities.  You should find XYLITOL listed among the first 4 ingredients in the gum.  Some brands include:  Ice Cubes, regular style Trident, regular style Orbit, Mentos gum, Altoids cinnamon gum, etc.


Kid Teeth cleaning Tips


You can visit Lynnette at Little Ms. Crafty


  • Dr PNJ Viljoen

    Reply Reply

    Toothpaste left in the mouth, is swallowed and the fluoride absorbed by the body. Too much fluoride in the body causes skeletal problems. Stop telling people not to rinse!
    Dr PNJ Viljoen
    B.Med.Sci; BchD

    • Respectfully, that is not a true statement. If a patient ate an entire tube of toothpaste, they may get a stomach ache, nothing more. The fluoride formula you are referring to is in the systemic form found in drinking water. However, those levels are regulated. The American Cancer Association had the following statement regarding fluoride and bone cancers. “Osteosarcoma is a rare cancer. Only about 400 cases are diagnosed in children and teens each year in the United States. This means it can be hard to gather enough cases to do large studies.” Therefore, there is no link to not rinsing after brushing and bone disorders. In order for fluoride to work effectively to prevent cavities, it should be not disturbed for at least 30 minutes after application to the teeth. This is why I suggest to spit only and to not rinse.
      For more information about fluoride and it’s uses, please visit the following site sponsored by the American Dental Association.
      -Lynnette Gebhardt, RDH, BS
      Medical College of Georgia 1995

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