3 Priorities for Parents Who Care About Their Children

Priorities for parents

Priorities for parents

In this fast paced life it easy to get caught up in a million things.

There is work to be done.

Bills to be paid

It can be hard just to keep up.

We could all use a little reminder about the importance of priorities.

Especially when it comes to the most important job we have – raising children.

Here is a great excerpt from Chuck Swindoll’s Wisdom for the Way titled Priorities for Parents. 

Let me make three practical suggestions to you who are parents:

1. Determine your priorities.

Ask yourself how high the family rates on your list of involvement. How are your children in particular—-just how serious are you regarding time with each? Have you told them or your mate? …

2. Record your observations.

If a child reveals his or her bents in everyday life, those things are worth writing down. Keep a journal on each child… . As you write, pray for wisdom. Ask God to guide your thoughts. Please remember, each child is unique. No comparisons! …

3.  Share your findings.

Children long to know themselves better. They respect your counsel, and will long remember your remarks. Be candid and honest as you help them “see” who they really are.

Via Charles R. Swindoll, Wisdom for the Way

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