25 Ways to Reduce Stress, Refresh Yourself, and Get More Done

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It happens to the best of us.

Worry takes over and you start saying things like “I’ll never be able to accomplish this or that if I allow myself to take a break!”


Yet what I’ve discovered after pushing myself too hard sometimes is quite different.

The work I force myself to do when I’m already toast is of a lesser quality, less creative, and takes twice as long than when I’m rested. On top of that, when I’m tired…

I’m not as sharp,

not as focused,

and things start falling through the cracks.

In the big scheme of things, sometimes just taking a break and taking some time out to rest and refresh will allow us to think about what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. It helps us keep the right perspective & remain productive.

So with that in mind…

Here are 25 little ways you can break up your routine and refresh yourself.

1. Surf some of your favorite websites

2. Take a nap

3. Call an old friend.

4. Watch a favorite Movie

5. Fire up YouTube and watch some bloopers or anything that makes you laugh. Here’s some [insert funny video]

6. Take an extra long hot bath or shower.

7. Buy yourself a new pair of shoes – Popular New Releases

8. Be abnormally generous. Purchase the meal of the person behind you in line etc.

9. Read a good book. Check out – This Week’s Best Sellers List

10. Get a message, facial, or manicure

11. Take a quiet walk alone.

12. Listen to some good music. Download your new favorite song. Check out – Top 100 Songs

13. Hit the Gym

14. Plan a vacation – anticipation is half the fun

15. Be spontaneous. Do something outside of your normal routine. Eat dessert first, call in sick and go to the movies etc.

16. Bake some cookies

17. Paint. Try a paint your own ceramics place and make some Christmas gifts

18. Turn off your cell phone & computer and have “no electronics day”

19. Look through some old photo albums

20. Take a drive with no destination in mind

21. Play a game with a child. Check out – Best Selling Kid Games

22. Hug someone for more than a minute

23. Sleep in late and have breakfast in bed

24. Stop by Starbucks or your favorite Coffeehouse and get a latte or mocha.

25. Start a new hobby or learn somethings new that always wanted to learn.


You get the idea. This is just a short list to hopefully get you started. Don’t forget the importance of taking time out for yourself and allowing yourself to take that well deserved break.



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Do you have some ideas that didn’t make this list? Please help us out and leave some of your own tips in the comments below!


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