The Importance of Reviewing Your Day – Daily


Review Your Day on a Daily Basis Our lives are full of scheduled check-ups. You see the dentist every six months. You get a mammogram every year past 40. You get your car tuned up every 3000 miles or so. And you should review your day every 24 hours. Why so frequently? After all, you…

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Our Suprisingly Suspenseful Baby Gender Reveal Video

Baby Gender Reveal Video

Sooo for those of you who don’t know…my wife is pregnant with child #2! Yay! After waaay too much guessing, speculating, and silly urban legend myths we finally found out the sex of our baby! Gender Reveal Ideas: As you probably know there are a ton of gender reveal videos out there. Actually I personally…

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4 Secrets To Keeping Your Kid’s Teeth Clean That They Will Actually ENJOY!

Kid Teeth cleaning Tips

Photo Credit: Vaughan via Compfight cc “My kid(s) always brush their teeth without ever complaining, delaying, or having to be told”…….Said no parent….EVER! I have yet to meet a parent who doesn’t struggle with getting their kid’s to brush their teeth. Or getting them to care about the health of their teeth at all. Most kids don’t enjoy this.…

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