How To Avoid The Deer In The Headlights Look In Pictures by Squinching

If you—or the people you take photographs of—always look bad in images, then this might help. Professional portrait photographer Peter Hurley claims that one simple facial expression can make you instantly more photogenic. He calls it “Squinching”

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How Setting Your Home Address In Your GPS Is Giving Thieves A Key To Your House

Car Theft Warnings

  I’ve heard this same story too many times now. I wish this kind of thing didn’t happen but it does. Here’s the scene: You’re at a ballgame, movie, or entertainment event of some kind. Thieves break into your car – steal stuff Then use your GPS to navigate to “Home” (knowing you will be…

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5 Lifehacks To Make Your Day Easier


  #1. Amazing Fire Starter: Save your dryer lint and rub it with vaseline or petroleum jelly to use as the best possible fire starter. Source: wikiHow: How to and DIY Survival Kit.   #2. Use car wax and Rain-X to keep your bathroom clean: Try using Rain-X on your glass shower enclosure and car wax…

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How Clicking A Giant Checkmark Is Helping Thousands (Including Me) Create New Habits

We all know habits are powerful. We also know they can be hard to break. But sometimes the hardest thing can simply be starting a new habit. It’s been said “Change your habits – Change your life.” I know, I know…easier said than done. But what if it didn’t have to be so hard? What…

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