Top 13 Tips, Tricks & Halloween Ideas That Will Make Your Neighbors Jealous


Image source  Yep, it’s that time of year again and I’ve searched the web high and low to bring you some of the best tips, tricks, and Halloween ideas that will make this Halloween season freaky awesome 😉 I’ve broken the tips down into sections. Enjoy and please share! Pumpkin Picking Tips Photo Credit: wvs…

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Fix The ios7 Battery Life Issue in 5 Minutes – 10 Step-By-Step Fixes

ios7 battery life fix

I was excited about the new ios 7 and unlike many others I actually like the new design. One thing I don’t like however is the new shorter life span of my phone’s battery. I had to plug my phone in 3 times in one day when before usually an overnight charge would last me…

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41 Tweetable Success Quotes Everyone Loves To Read & Share

Motivational Success Quotes

I love success quotes for so many reasons. I love the instant energy boost they provide. I love it when a certain quote jumps off the page and meets you right where you need it. That moment when you start to read the quote for a second time and shake your head in agreement. Quotes…

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The 9/11 Budweiser Tribute Commercial That Aired Only Once So As Not To Profit From It

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[Amazing Video] Man Wakes Up From Surgery With Amnesia: Realizes Beautiful Stranger Next To Him Is His Wife

man wakes up from surgery

Love At First Site – After Six Years Of Marriage Jason Mortensen has been through a lot over the last six years — surgeries, recoveries, surgeries again — and his loving wife has been by his side through all of it. Last month, after a hernia operation “to fix residual tears from a previous surgery,” Jason…

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The Simple Secret To Success & Happiness That So Many People Let Slip Through Their Fingers

   Are you satisfied with amount of influence you have in business and in life? If you were to die today would you be satisfied with the legacy you left behind? Would you like to know the secret to happiness, success, and influence that so many people let slip through their fingers? Duh right? You…

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Create Your Own Success Story By Asking Yourself These Questions

Even if you’re not quite where you want to be, you still have a history of success. You’ve graduated high school, done well on a test, lost weight, had a great friendship, or otherwise set and achieved some sort of goal. By analyzing your past successes, you can find a lot of clues about how…

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