2 Ways to Spread Light To The World

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Productivity – How To Be More Productive By Asking This One Simple Question

Bottom line to productivity

Ahh Productivity. The word alone inspires some and scares others. Why is it that we struggle so much with staying productive? Is it the constant barrage of distractions? Is it the ever-increasing need for stimulation and entertainment? How bout the fact that we have a shorter attention span than any other time in history? We don’t even…

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Use Leftover Aluminum Foil To Sharpen Scissors

Aluminum Foil

Before throwing those scrap pieces of aluminum foil away grab your scissors and give them a quick sharpening. Simply fold the foil a couple times over and cut about 7 or 8 strips. That should do the trick!

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Buff Chrome To a Brilliant Shine with a Dryer Sheet

What is a Dryer Sheet

Have you ever noticed that after cleaning chrome it can still have that hazy fog or look streaky? Whether it’s chrome wheels or a household appliance a used dryer sheet will shine it right up. So think twice about what you could quickly buff to a shine before pitching that dryer sheet.

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Get Rid of That Fishy or Other Unpleasant Food Smell on Your hands With These Simple Solutions

Chopping Garlic

Been chopping something pungent? The smell can often linger on your hands leaving an unpleasant trail for many many hours later. Try These tips to kill the odors. Get rid of lingering food smells such as garlic or fish on your fingers by scrubbing your wet hands with baking soda, just as if you would…

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The Answer to Why You Keep Forgetting Things

Why you keep forgetting

It seems like we are always being bombarded with some type of information – from our computers or phones. As it happens, information overload has an unexpected cost, it actually fries our memory. Ever feel like you have that information overload? Do you find yourself forgetting more and more things? It could be you are…

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How To Always Pick the Perfect Produce

  One of the most frustrating wastes of money is when you buy produce that ends up not tasting good. In most cases, I simply chalk it up to bad luck and take the loss. Part of the problem is knowing how to pick between the good produce and bad. If you are anything like…

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The Most Amazing Way To Separate Egg Yolks – This Will Blow Your Mind

Separating egg yolks from the whites can often be quite messy and a dreaded task for most. I know it is for me. Sometimes I would avoid eggs altogether if I knew that separating egg whites was involved.  I wish I would have known there was an easier way sooner. Check out this extremely mess free and…

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Hugs – Here is Why They Are so Important

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Hang Pictures Easily Using Toothpaste


Hanging pictures can be frustrating and time-consuming. How many times have you flipped a frame over and said, “Oh no, its one of those frames with the two hooks”. If you have trouble hanging pictures straight then try using the toothpaste method from the industrial cottage weblog. I guarantee it will make you a more efficient picture…

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