11 Ways To Energize Your Wife You Won’t Hear From Hollywood



You may have heard this old joke…

A group of men were golfing one day and four of them were on the eighteenth tee, ready to tee off. Just then a funeral procession went by, and one of the men stood up straight, took off his hat, and put it over his heart.

His golf buddies were stunned. Someone said, “We’ve never seen anyone ready to tee off and then stop to put his hat over his heart to honor a funeral procession. That’s amazing.”

The man answered, “Yeah, she was a great woman. We were married forty-three years.”


Funny or Offensive?


Play golf or attend your wife’s funeral? Absurd, of course, and possibly funny to a group of men. This is the kind of message that Hollywood consistently sends our way. Making light of loyalty and respect in marriage. You’ve seen the movies and sitcoms that portray wives as nothing more than nagging, bossy, ball n chains and husbands as big blubbering bafoons who can rarely get off the couch.


Sure it’s funny to some degree, but in real life this attitude won’t cut it. Good luck making your marriage work and trying to maintain some sort of happiness in your home by taking tips from Hollywood.

The truth is that most women are offended at jokes like the golf one above. I guarantee that your wife will not think this joke is any funnier than being teased about “being turned in for a new model.”


So What Makes A Happy Woman?


According to Dr. Emerson Eggeriches, best-selling author of Love & Respect,

“She is not built to appreciate that kind of humor. She is so constructed that she appreciates loyalty and commitment.”

You don’t hear much about loyalty and commitment these days do you? Sadly there are far more movies, TV shows, news stories and songs made about exactly the opposite. That doesn’t mean these things are any less important. So with that said, check out these 11 ways Dr. Eggeriches suggests for showing love and loyalty.


11 Ways To Energize Your Wife And Assure Her of Your Loyalty


1. Speak Highly of her in front of others.

2. Be involved in things that are important to her.

3. Help her make decisions, such as ones regarding the children.

4. Don’t correct her in front of the children.

5. Don’t look lustfully at other women.

6. Make her and your marriage a priority.

7. Never be critical of her or your children in front of others.

8. Include her in social gatherings when others may leave their spouses home.

9. Call and let her know your plans.

10. Keep commitments.

11. Speak positively of her and the children at all times.

*Sources: Love & Respect





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