10 Questions That Could Change Your Life

Questions to change your life

If you are like most people you ask many questions every single day. Some you may not even realize you’re asking. You don’t ask them out loud – you ask them to yourself. It is these questions that send your subconscious mind into work mode.

Once you ask yourself a question your subconscious mind cannot help but to start working toward an answer. The questions we ask ourselves literally have the ability to change the course of our lives. That is why it is so important to make sure you are asking the right ones. Below are 10 powerful questions to get you started. 

Questions to change your life

“Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers.”

~ Voltaire

1. What are you making time for? 

How often have you said .”I wish I had more time to (fill in the blank)”. Well, when was the last time you scheduled time to do it? Trust me, there is power in writing it on the calendar and getting it done.

2. If you were told you had a week to live would you change anything?

Most of us are guilty of filling our days with unnecessary stress and strife by focusing on the negative instead of the positive, making mountains out of mole hills and bickering and becoming uptight about issues in the larger scheme of things that don’t matter much at all. I invite you to sit down and consider what you would do if you only had one week to live. Would you travel to somewhere in particular? Would you stay at home with your children or at least spend more time with them? Would you spend more time with people investing in their lives? Is there anything you would make sure didn’t go unsaid to family members?

“Every man dies. Not every man really lives”.- Braveheart

3. What will people say about you when you are gone?

We all want to be remembered because being remembered means that our lives had meaning to someone other than ourselves. Leaving a legacy starts with living outside of yourself, giving back, and making a difference for the better. We should all leave whoever we are with better than they were before, that can be as  simple as a smile to a stranger at the grocery store, bringing soup to a sick neighbor, finding something to compliment in others to build them up ect. If we all start living a life with purpose, dedication and passion a legacy will naturally follow.

4. Will what you are stressing about now matter in 5 years?

I know I am guilty of spending too much time worrying about things that will never materialize. This worry only makes our lives unnecessarily complicated and painful. I have found that sitting down and writing a list of all the things that I am currently worried about and then examining how much they will really affect my life to be extremely effective in worrying less. Are you worrying about important things in life or merely side issues ? Don’t be overwhelmed by small things – try to see the bigger picture.

5. Are you doing anything you are not proud of?

If you are then stop! Nothing is worse for your self-esteem than violating your own values. You should be able to live a life that is transparent. What we do when nobody is looking is more important than what we do when being watched. It defines your true character.

6. Are there people in your life that you are thankful for and have you told them?

Life is too short to leave anything unsaid. Don’t regret holding anything back. Have those conversations. Say what you need to say. If you have trouble saying it face to face then write a quick email or text. No excuses.  life is too short

7. What energizes you?

Your answer to this question will help you find your purpose and discover your natural gifts. Explore this. Find out what makes you come alive and what triggers your creativity. If you are having trouble ask others that are close to you what they think.

8. Are there things sucking the life out of you?

Drop them. Get rid of them. Easier said than done I know, but do your best to eliminate those things in your life that bring you down and drain the energy out of you.

9. Have you made up your mind about God?

This is too important to shrug off. You owe it to yourself to do your own research. Don’t take on somebody else’s beliefs. Know what you believe and why you believe it. Read The purpose driven life, The case for Christ, Evidence that demands a verdictLife is too unpredictably short to procrastinate on this one.

10. Who are you and what do you stand for?

“Those who stand for nothing fall for anything.” Alexander Hamilton

To stand for something is to believe in something. Every hero of character have one thing in common, they knew what they stood for. Dr. Martin Luther stood for equality and respect. Mother Teresa stood for compassion and caring. Imagine what our country would look like if our founding fathers didn’t stand for freedom? Scary!


“The most important questions in life can never be answered by anyone except oneself.” –John Fowles

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