Top 30 Things Siri Can Do Faster Than You

Top 30 Things Siri Can Do faster

With the release of the iPhone 5 and iOS 6 Siri became a little smarter. But what good is she if you are not taking full advantage of all her time-saving capabilities?


Quite often I hear people say things like “Siri is cool, but I don’t really know what to ask her to do”. If you have ever said this, then this post is for you. Below is a list of the top 30 things busy people can use Siri for to make themselves more EFFICIENT and of course… to make life easier


1. Siri can help you make reservations.


She then takes you straight to open table to reserve a spot.



2. Siri can tweet.


3. Siri can update Facebook of course. (She knows punctuation too, so say it just like you want it typed).



 4. Siri can check sports scores, rosters, and stats.

Siri Does Sports Scores

Siri Does Rosters



5. Siri can identify poisonous plants.



6. Siri can set alarms.

Alarm Set

7. Siri can even wake you from a nap.



 8. Siri can explain text lingo to you (great for parents).



9. Siri is a great for checking traffic before heading out.

Here's The Traffic Around LA

LA Traffic


 10. Siri now provides instant directions.

Siri Helps With Directions


Hmm It’s only a 1,530 miles… 

Siri Gives Directions

11. Siri can look up time zones.

Siri Can help With Time Zones


 12. Siri can tell you what movies are playing near you.

Movies Playing


 13. She can then bring up reviews for a movie.

Movie Reviews


 14. Siri can check the price of gas for you.

Price of Gas


15.  Siri can locate the nearest hospital (faster than you can search for it).



 16. Siri is a math wiz (where was Siri when I was in high-school!)

Siri Can Do Math


 How bout this for the kitchen…

How Many Ounces In a Cup


17. Siri can set up meetings in your calendar.

Setup Apt with John


She will even let you know if your schedule has a conflict.

Meeting Conflict


18. Siri can shine some light on it. Simply tell her to open flashlight app (may require download) and voila instant light in a dark place.


Open Flashlight



19. Siri can tell you how many calories are in that Big Mac without looking at the new menu.

Siri can count calories

20. Siri can also be your personal nutritionist.


Siri says nutrition information


Sugar in soda

21. Siri can help you locate the nearest ATM.

Siri can help locate the nearest ATM


22. Siri is an excellent reminder (No need to write everything down anymore). Think of future events too such as changing air filters, turning clocks back, birthdays etc.

Siri Can Remind You.png


23. Siri can help you take pictures in a flash ;-)

Seriously, she opens the camera app so fast I couldn’t even get a screenshot of it!


24. Siri helps you spell (love this one)



 She even helps you pronounce too…


25. Siri can set a timer for you effortlessly. (Great for cooking, and exercising).



26 Siri can help you split the dinner bill.

Siri can help you split the bill


She can even tell you how much to tip…

Sir can help calculate the Tip


Siri can help you find the nearest WiFi hotspot.

Siri can help you find wifi


Siri can help you take notes on the run (I use this when driving all the time).

siri can help you take notes


Siri can check the forecast.

Siri can check for Rain

You can even ask her things like…

Siri knows daylight savings time


30. Last but not least…Siri can keep things quiet for you.

Siri can do not disturb


Just one more question Siri…

Siri Are You Alive



How about you? What do you use Siri for? Did anything not make this list that you think should have? 

I would love to hear from you. Drop a comment below…


Top 30 Things Siri Can Do faster pin


  • This is a great list! Its funny but I never use Siri. I think I’ve been afraid of her but now I see how productive she can help me be – thanks for this!!

    PS – love this site!!

    • I hear that a lot actually. That’s why I wanted to put together a list of helpful things people can use Siri for. Don’t get me wrong…she still needs a lot of work but she does do quite a few things really well that can save us all a lot of time.

      PS – Thank you ;-)

  • Leslie

    Reply Reply

    Sending this to DH, who is a reluctant iPhone convert. He mentioned Siri and that “I heard it can do a lot, but I don’t know.” This will shed some light for him; he is on the road a lot during the da so no doubt a lot of these will come in handy. Just finished reading your shoe tying post as well; plan to try it tomorrow with 7YO son. Thanks!

  • Erin

    Reply Reply

    Siri can translate words into other languages….

    When I say “siri, how do you say dog in Spanish” she pulls up a dictionary listing with the translation.

  • stacey

    Reply Reply

    My cousin showed me the other day how to use Siri to make phone calls and send texts!

  • siya

    Reply Reply

    having an iPhone5 is cool but not cool enough if you leaving in South Africa cause its limited i have been trying out some of the cool things that SIRI can do but all i get is “I CANNOT DO THIS IN SOUTH AFRICA” could there be anything fun i can do with my iPhone from where i am?

  • Ruth

    Reply Reply

    I like to keep my phone locked in case it’s stolen. I don’t have to unlock it to ask Siri to send a text & make a call. It’s useful when I need to text ASAP, however, I do have to unlock before Siri opens my camera. It would be nice if she can actually take the picture. Some pictures need to be taken immediately to capture the moment. :0/

  • Amanda

    Reply Reply

    Ruth- to quickly get the camera up even when locked, just push the button then swipe from the bottom to top. This should bring your camera up!

  • is there any alternative for this on android……………..

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  • alien from hell

    Reply Reply

    dear god
    how did u come to know that iam an alien ……..

  • alien from hell

    Reply Reply

    by the way some one please tell me is there any alternative for this on android(siri)……………..

    • Google has a personal assistant that is very similar to Siri. The Google personal assistant isn’t as integrated into all of the apps as Siri is, on the iPhone, but the Google personal assistant is still quite useful.

  • Siri has literally changed my life. “Literally” in its literal sense. I used to have paper post-its piled up all over the place, full of reminders; 2 different online calendars that I always tried to keep synced, unsuccessfully; had to pull over in order to communicate with a contact. Now, thanks to Siri, my life, all of its notes, calendars, and even quick messages to contacts can all be done with a push of a button. The only time Siri does NOT come through, for me, is when I have a bad cold and lose my voice. Thankfully, those are rare occasions. Great article that shows how wonderful Siri is as a personal assistant. Heck… I might give her a raise.

  • Christopher Thornton

    Reply Reply

    Did you know that you can change Siri from a female voice to a male voice? Go to settings – General – Siri – voice gender.

  • Joshua Brande

    Reply Reply

    Siri is great. As a visually impaired person, Siri is sir of my “right hand” assistant. My question is however, is Siri able to do more than one thing at a time? Can it set the time for instance and also send a message?

  • Michael Taylor

    Reply Reply

    18% tip! Siri obviously isn’t from Yorkshire!

  • Nicholas Coffey

    Reply Reply

    Siri is absolutely amazing, if they get rid of her I will never buy another Apple product ever again.

  • Anonymous

    Reply Reply

    Siri is a great invention I really like her

  • cynthia

    Reply Reply

    Is it possible to change her into a him?

  • cynthia

    Reply Reply

    Is it possible to change her into a him? Great compilation – thanks!

    • Anonymous

      Reply Reply

      Yes, in settings

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  • Harvey Buzzlenuts

    Reply Reply

    Can Siri help me find better porn clips? I’m having a hard time finding quality porn clips, in which no one receives semen in the eye. Any ideas for me?

  • Nice blog! Thank you for posting it. We are also deal in same field.

  • Great Siri tips. Here’s one I use all the time and I think others will like. I need glasses to read anything including my clock radio on my bedside table. Yes, I know I could choose one of those clocks with very large time displays, but I love my Bose radio. As long as your iPhone is plugged in (I keep mine in a dock on my nightstand), you can say “hey Siri, what time is it”. No more fumbling for glasses as Siri answers audibly.

  • One more tip. The “hey Siri” feature works well in the car too as long as it’s plugged in and charging (all cars today have USB ports). Great way to make notes, set reminders, ask about traffic – all hands free.

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