Lack of Encouragement Nears Epidemic Levels (And What You Can Do About It)



The lack of encouragement in our society is almost epidemic.

To illustrate this point ask yourself the question…

When did you last encourage someone else?

I firmly believe that an individual is never more helpful than when full of compassion for those who are down, needy, discouraged, or forgotten. How terribly essential is our commitment to encouragement!

Is there some soul known to you in need of encouragement?

  • A student off at school
  • A young couple up against it
  • A divorcee struggling to gain back self-acceptance
  • Someone who recently lost their job
  • A widow who needs your companionship
  • Someone who tried something new and failed

I encourage you…to encourage generously!


A new watchword for our times.

Shout it out.

Pass it around.



  • Leslie Keil

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    The Bible verse you have on this picture is wrong. The verse here is Thess. 5:11 not 1 Thess. 5:5 as you have shown here.

  • CurtisPab

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