How To Teach A 6-Year-Old To Tie Shoes In 5 Minutes


Teach Your Child To Tie Shoes In 5 Minutes

OK so teaching a kid to tie their own shoes can be one of the most difficult things to teach EVER! I never realized how difficult it was until about a month ago when my 6 year old asked me to teach her how to tie her shoes.  How hard could it be right!? Well if you have ever tried to teach a child then you know what I’m talking about.

After several failed attempts at trying to teach the “bunny ears” method and the “wrap around method” (which I use) I had all but given up.

I was now starting to re-evaluate the benefits of Velcro…. until I found this “magic fingers” technique.

YES, this is what I was looking for – a simple way to tie shoes without 15 steps and a story about a bunny. I was able to teach my 6-year old how to tie her shoes in 5 minutes with this technique. So if you are trying to teach your child how to tie shoes…(or just want a faster way to tie your own)…give this technique a try!

Below is a video of my daughter tying her shoes using the technique described above. Soo easy using the magic fingers technique below.

Here is the technique explained in greater detail. The “magic fingers” technique…

Due to the overwhelming response – I’ve created some step-by-step screenshots of the magic fingers technique to help you out.

How To Tie Your Shoes:

Magic Fingers Style

how to tie your shoes

Step 1

Cross the laces like normal

how to tie your shoes

Step 2

(Right Hand) Put your thumb and first finger in front of lace – fingers facing toward you

(Left Hand) Put your thumb and first finger behind lace – fingers facing away from you

*Note: It is important that you grip the laces tightly with your pinky fingers at this point too. 

how to tie your shoes

 Step 3

Pull your fingers forwards so you feel some tension and twist a little so that your fingers are facing each other. 

how to tie your shoes

Step 4

Pinch the laces in between the opposite fingers

how to tie your shoes

how to tie your shoes

Step 5

Pull through

how to tie your shoes

Step 6

And you’re done!

how to tie your shoes

Updated Point Of View Video

Shoe tying starts at 1:07


Have you ever used this technique?

Have you ever taught a child to tie their shoes?

Which technique did you use?

Do you have a better one?

Drop a comment below and let me know. I would love to hear from you!


how to tie your shoes

324 responses to How To Teach A 6-Year-Old To Tie Shoes In 5 Minutes

  1. Kari at

    That is AMAZING!! So thrilled to come back from a weekend getaway to a daughter that now can tie her shoes! Thanks to her efficient daddy!

  2. We’ve been using velcro for nearly 7 years now…it’s time to move forward!

  3. Sarah at

    I have 3 boys ages 5, 6 and 6. You just saved me literally days of my life.

    • Wow I can only imagine! I really hope this works for you. It’s certainly worth trying! Let me know how it goes…

  4. Jennifer at

    I teach kindergarten and I am SOOOO done tying shoes. I will be showing this to my class!!!

    • I bet! I’m sure their parents would be thrilled as well ;-)

    • Anonymous at

      Haha that is my 4 1/2 yo home work for the holidays Learning to tie her shoe laces so I will be doing this

    • Jackie at

      I bet, at my kids school they HAD to have velcro shoes…no laces allowed!

  5. Wuh??? Ha! Ha! That is amazing! Off to teach my 2 youngest. Thank you!

    • You’re welcome! I found it helpful to pause the video in order to go step-by-step. Good luck!

      • Anonymous at

        oh ya your video of the slow down and showing from our point of view with it on a black surface TOTALLY made it 100% clear on how to do this, brilliant!!

  6. Becky Lambert at

    I learned a sure way to keep your shoes tied and also easy to untie.
    Using the traditional way of tying–(second way in the second video above) with the slight variation of taking the loop through twice. Very secure and also easy to untie unlike the double knot way.
    I know it is hard to describe, but it does work !

    • Hmm. I may have to try that because sometimes it is just as hard for kids to untie as it is to tie! Thanks for the tip Becky!

    • Erica at

      That’s fantastic! Thanks.

    • Julie at

      I do this also! It’s amazing :) I learned it from a co-worker a few years back when my shoes kept untying. I had to stop to tie my shoes every half hr or so. My shoes haven’t come untied since!

    • Michelle at

      I do that to my shoes and my girls, especially for games (BB, Softball) they never come untied unless you want them to. I learned it in college while working with the football team. They called it the football tie.

    • Susiewan at

      That’s the “runners knot”. Although, officially you also have to cross your laces double, to start with (not a double knot, just twist the lace 2 times before tightening). It will stay secure even with a lot of jumping, running and bouncing. :)

    • Anonymous at

      Becky, that is the method I was taught at 6 years old. You are right. The shoes stay tied all day and are easy to untie.

    • Amanda at

      The knot you are describing is known as the Grandma Ashcraft knot in my family, and yes, it totally does work!

    • Anonymous at

      That method is wonderful & it really works.

    • Mary at

      I think I know which method you are talking about. It is just like step one, but you do it twice. The first time (like in the video – step one) and the seond time with the two bunny ears (agan using step one in the video but with the bunny ears this time). Shoes stay tied and all you have to do is pull the end of the lace – and voila! They untie with ease. My sister learned this one from a boyscout.

    • Anonymous at


    • Brooke at

      Becky, a guy from school showed me that way. I had leather laces that would not stay tied – even with a double knot. After learning that way, they never came untied again until I untied them! I still use that method almost 20 years later. I’ve tried to teach it to my kids but they just want the “easy” way. ;)
      Oh, and the guy I learned it from learned it from his grandpa, who was a podiatrist and tied all his patients’ shoes like that. :)

    • carole at

      Been tying my laces that way for a long time. Works like a charm. Shoes stay tied and easy to untie.

    • Karl Houghton at

      That’s how I tie my laces. Wrap around twice and pull through. Takes a little too get the hang odd it but once you do it’s quick and easy and shoelaces never come undone

  7. I have tied my shoes like this my whole life and have never met anyone else who does it! This will definitely be how I teach my girls to tie when the time comes. :)

    • Wow really? I have never met anyone else who ties this way either. How did you learn and was it easy for you?

    • Kelly mesle at

      I tought myself how to tie my shoes when I was little. My mom tried teaching me the other ways but I couldn’t do. I had her close r eyes and some how figured this way out. I’m 30 and still get trouble for my strange ways. I even learned the bunny way just to teach my kids, lol! Its nice to see someone else who tie’s like me!

  8. Brandi at

    Thank you. Just…thank you! I’ve struggled with this with my boy for 2 years, and this may just have saved my sanity.

  9. thank you!!! took 5 minutes literally! :)

  10. Krista at

    Ugh. My 9 year old and two 7 year olds still can’t do it after 30 mins. Shoot me. I cannot tie another shoe!

    • I feel your pain. I’m sorry. They will get it sooner or later (hopefully sooner right ;-))

      • Sindi at

        have you considered that the reason some arent getting it, is that you arent putting all the info into your videos? What I mean is, in each of these videos, you are clearly holding the laces tight with both hands using your little pinkie fingers, yet this is not mentioned anywhere, therefore people who cannot easily follow instruction miss that step, because you have not labelled it as an official step. xx

  11. Addie at

    This is amazing!! My 8 year old has been fighting both my husband and I about learning to tie his shoes, now he just shoves the laces inside his shoes. I can not wait to teach him this!!!

  12. Erica at

    Well, it took *me* longer than 5 minutes to learn but once I could see where to grab then I got it. I’ll try it on my 6yo tomorrow.

    • Awesome! Thanks for the follow up. I’m thinking about putting some step-by-step screenshots up to help…

  13. blair at

    I saw this on youtube and taught one of my kindergarten students who was struggling emotional and socially about not being able to tie her shoes. She learned in 10 minutes and now she ties everybody’s shoes! Great job!!!

    • That is fantastic!!! I’m so glad to hear that :-) Thanks for sharing that with us!

      • Anonymous at

        The little girl in the video didn’t start with the initial cross over but still tied it that way

  14. Karris at

    A friend in junior high taught me this method and it has been the only way I use ever since. It is sooooooo much faster and looks so cool. I always show little kids to impress them. I have tried to teach many many people (usually adults) and they always give up before they learn. My boy is no where near shoe-tying age yet, but I suppose I’ll give teaching him a shot when the time comes.

    • Haha yeah I think it is much harder for adults to learn than kids! It’s hard to learn a new method when you have tied a certain way your whole life. I think it’s perfect for the little ones though and gives them a sense of confidence because they feel like they “can do it!” And…It does look pretty cool I must say ;-)

  15. Sarah H at

    I felt so silly…after 20 minutes and being ready to give up, I still couldn’t work out how to tie the laces this way on the shoe that was on my own foot. It wasn’t until I turned my laptop upside down and saw the tutorial from the different angle (the same way my view was instead of backwards as the tutorial appeared) that I was able to work it out. Just a little more practice and I’ll be able to teach it to my 6 year old. Wish I’d known this trick three kids ago!

    • Lol great idea turning the laptop upside down! I never thought of that. I spent more time trying to twist my head upside down.

    • Erica at

      Yes! I was about to give up too but ended up watching the first video a bunch of times and finally figured it out. If I could have turned the instructional one upside down, that probably would have helped.

    • Mariam at

      I love it

  16. Danielle at

    My 5-year-old and I must be the dumbest couple of goons in the world. We cannot figure this out! I’ll stick to they 100-step bunny story that isn’t very successful either, but at least I know what I’m doing to teach her!

    • Anonymous at

      I can’t get it either! Lol! Maybe it’s just us haha

      • Anonymous at

        I can’t get it either….the pich and pull thing is not working….what am I doing wrong ???

  17. Wow; that looks pretty cool!

  18. WOW!! It took me a few minutes to get the hang of it before showing my kids, but once I did, wow! I happen to have a shoelace card w/ 2 different colored laces for teaching and I think that really helped in introducing this idea. But I’m sure by the end of the week, they will be tying every shoe in the house! Thanks for sharing!

  19. Kayla at

    Saw this on pinterest after spending hours yesterday trying to teach my five-year-old how to tie her shoes to no avail. I’ll be trying this. Hope it works!

  20. Thank you! This is genius – I’ll be sharing it with my sons (aged 10 – can tie laces but still takes a while, and 7 – still a velcro boy).

  21. Sabine at

    Thans you so much! My 6 year old daughter learned in 5 minutes, her twin sister didn’t want to learn…but looked impressed! I’m sure she will come around in a day or 2 ;-)

  22. Megan at

    Ahhhh!!! No spacial skills here – and I cannot figure it out! :/ It’s the pull through part that’s the problem….

    • Aww I’m sorry. The pull through part is the trickiest for sure. That part gave me trouble as well.

    • Amy at

      I struggled with that part, too, until I figured out to use the left thumb and right forefinger as “hooks” in that moment, to grab the string in the right spots for the pull through.

  23. Michaela Hatch at

    She needed to add where to pinch the lace before the pull through…
    You pinch the length of lace that is the line between your thumb and pointer finger, then pull.
    (The line in the “C” that your thumb and pointer fingers make)
    It took me awhile to figure it out..away from the computer and then I needed a simpler way to explain it to my husband…then eventually I will to my 5 yr old.

    • Yes exactly! Thanks for providing that helpful tip for us!

    • Christy at

      THANK YOU! I was wracking my brain trying to figure out what I was missing, but your comment did the trick!

  24. Liz at

    I love this! However, on the longer video, the bow comes out wrong. (Notice how the bow wants to lay up and down instead of side to side – this happens when the basis of your bow is a granny knot instead of a square knot. In addition to looking funny, a granny knot will loosen over time.) It’s an easy fix – just do the initial cross and twist with the opposite lace on top. Other than that, this method looks great! My 4-year old is hunting for some shoes with laces so we can try it out right now.

  25. erin at

    woohoo! got it on the 2nd try!

  26. Katie at

    This is how I’ve always tied my shoes and how I taught my kiddos to tie theirs! Super easy.

  27. Ann at

    Thanks a lot! My 3 year old got it right after his second try ….. woooohoooo …… Don’t know who is prouder him or me!

  28. Missy at

    i tried your way, but for my almost 8 year old, who is left handed, the bunny ears was easier for him, but i taught myself and my older son this way…..ingenious!!! it helped with my older son to say instead of pinch, dig with the forefinger the string to pull through and tighten…also, to start with the strings, have them hang onto them like they are holding onto handlebars then straighten the forefinger and thumb and wrap….

  29. DEBBIE at

    will this method work with children who are left handed ?? We haven;t bothered to show our daughter how to tie yet (thank goodness for velcro) as we are both right handed

    • It should work just fine for those left handed because you are actually using both at the same time. Give it shot!

      • Anonymous at

        I’m a lefty and this is much easier than “switching” the way I had to with the other method.

        • Anonymous at

          I’m also a lefty and found this really easy once I figured out which part of the laces to pull through. I found that watching how the little girl initially grabbed and held the laces in the first video (the one looking down on the shoe) was more helpful than the other. I had to watch it several times, but it still probably took less than 10 minutes to learn. Looking forward to trying this with my 6 year old, whose friend has been kind enough to tie his shoes when he changes from his snow boots at school :)

    • Anonymous at

      If you are facing her while teaching her to tie it will be like a mirror effect and she will be fine

  30. Crystal at

    Wow that was so easy! Got it on the first try. Thanks for slowing down the video. Oh and my lefted handed 4 year got it between 5-10 minutes. This is totally not a left or right handed manovour. So glad I came across your site!!

  31. Valerie Brooks at

    Brings back memories. Biggest marital fight in the world. 30 years ago. A daddy, a mommie and a little flustered 6 year old fellow. Where were you then ! Awesome …baabaa

  32. Deb Price at

    I am a Reading Specialist K-5 and with a ‘minor’ in tying shoes! I already have a mental list of who I will teach this to tomorrow!

  33. Kim at

    I just spent a frustrating hour trying to teach my six year old this. I’m still frustrated. Rather stick to Velcro, before I cry.

  34. Anonymous at

    Took me longer to learn that it did to reach my 5 year old! Worked like a charm and he is so proud!

  35. My son is 4 living with Cerebral Palsy (cp). He is able to do this method. Thank you so much for sharing this. It has made one more step of daily routine adaptable to him.

  36. Found your pin in the comments on Problogger (in the Pinterest post) and tried this with my two oldest girls (ages 6 & 7) who have been struggling to tie their shoes and still couldn’t. They were both tying their shoes alone within 30 minutes (and that was with teaching them separately). Learning this was probably the best perk to getting a problogger post published, so THANKS! :)

    • Wow, that’s awesome Jamie! And thank you for that wonderful compliment. Your post over at problogger was by far the best I’ve seen on the subject of Pinterest! And it goes without saying, but thanks for the re-pin too! Now you’ll just have to share your secret of how to get published on problogger with me ;-)

  37. Kate at

    WOW!!!! Thanks!!! I’m totally going to try this with my 6yo when he gets home from school!!!

  38. OHMIGOSH!! This looks so easy! I can’t wait to try it with my 5 y/o. I am so done teaching him the other methods!

  39. J-Dawn at

    I teach special education and have been looking for ways to teach my kiddos how to tie that are less complicated. Many of them don’t have the dexterity to do the other ways. I’ll practice this way and try it with them. You may have just helped 8 of my students learn to tie their shoes.

  40. Angela at

    This technique is amazing! I was able to teach my son in about 10 minutes! He is so excited that he knows how to tie his own shoes, he shows everyone! When we do this method we start off by making a “L” on both hands after crossing the laces, then grab the laces with the 3 fingers that are folded down, then everything else is the same. It was just easier this way for me to explain how to position his fingers!

    • Awesome! I really like the “L” idea! That is perfect. I wish I would’ve thought of that when teaching my daughter.

  41. francine c at

    Love this idea, will try it with my little one, but I have to be the grammar police for you. A suggestion for Step 6. ” And Your Done”. PLEASE correct it to “You’re done”. One of my biggest pet peeves reading blogs and website tips is when the authors incorrectly use your/you’re and their/they’re/there.

    • Good catch thanks! It’s a peeve of mine too but hard to catch them all sometimes. Spelling and grammar errors for me are like looking in the mirror at night and realizing you went the better part of the day with lettuce in your teeth without knowing it.

  42. Peggy at

    Found a link to this on Facebook. Amazing method! Learning to tie shoes was a big challenge for me at age 4 or 5. I think I finally caught on at age 6. But it was traumatic enough that I always feared teaching my future kids. Then when velco shoes became popular in the 80′s, I sighed a huge sigh of relief for the future. ;) Fast forward 15 year or so to the mid-00′s. My two oldest are at that age to learn to tie. (Velcro, btw, isn’t all that great, as it turns out. Gets stuff caught in it and eventually is unusable.) Somebody else taught them! Yay! Then another five years or so later, my youngest is six. I’ve got a pair of shoelace shoes in the shopping cart for her and she swears she’s not going to learn how to tie, that she won’t wear them, that I’m wasting my money, etc. I let it go and continue shopping. Meanwhile, she’s looking at the shoes, playing with them, and gets the first part of tying done and asks me if that’s how. I say no and show her the rest of the bunny ears method. She got it down pat in the next five minutes. But I wish I had known your method 10 years ago! I’m going to show all my kids today. Thanks!

    • It’s amazing how challenging this whole shoe tying thing is. I think as adults we take it for granted because we are just so used to it. Then when the time comes to teach try and teach our little ones – it makes you step back and think “jeez how did I ever learn this!?”

  43. MaryAnn at

    Wow – this is GREAT! It took me a few tries before I figured it out…but, in less than 5 minutes I had it down. I can’t WAIT to teach my 6 year old son…I know his Kindergarten teacher is anxious as well…in fact, she sent this link to the parents of her entire Kindergarten class! LOL! Smart lady! ;)

    • Ha! That’s awesome! I’m so glad this post has been able to help so many. Thanks for taking the time to comment – and that goes for everyone here!

  44. Jana at

    My mind is now blown. Thank you Joseph Michael!

  45. Five minutes my ass I can’t get this tie down at all. The loop around is far easier IMO ill stick to teaching something I can do!

  46. I teach 1st grade (5-7 year olds) & it seems as if these days only 1 or 2, in an entire class, know how to tie laces. It’s very time consuming & velcro can become noisy. I’m constantly asking them to learn to tie their own shoes as “weekend homework.” :-) Now, I’m actually thinking it’ll be worth it to try this method with the entire class! Thank you for posting it!

  47. Thank you so much! I get so much crap because my 7 yr-old can’t tie shoes (in my defense he wears cowboy boots almost exclusively) but this is SO GREAT! Thank you!

  48. brenda at

    My dad taught me to tie my shoes this way too! (and I may or may not be in my 30′s) ;)

  49. Kelly L. at

    This is exactly what my 5 year old boy needed. His older sister learned to tie her shoe the “traditional” way when she was 4 but it just didn’t work for him. This way of tying shoes made it possible for him to start tying his own shoes successfully within the same day of being taught. My daughter (now 8) also tried this way out and exclaimed “This is way easier than how I learned it!”

    I sound like an infomercial but it really did work for my son. Thanks for posting it!

  50. Kristin at

    This is awesome, my daughter is turning six tomorrow and she has been struggling with this, I will try it with her tonight! P.S. love your theme, as soon as I recognized it I knew your site would be awesome! Standard theme unite!

    • Ahhh another Standard theme fan huh! I love it. It’s easy on the eyes. Good luck with your six-year old!

  51. Anonymous at

    When I taught kindergarten and 1st grade. I used the “bunny ears method” first tie a knot –then make bunny ears with the laces in each hand then tie the ears in a knot –done.

  52. I was getting SO frustrated because I couldn’t figure it out. It helped me to initially grab almost to the ends of the laces until I could figure out how to pull through properly. Wow, I hope my son’s fine motor skills (or lack of) allow him to get this. It really is a great method.

  53. Kate at

    i’ve been trying to do this for an hour now and can’t get it. This is stupid or I’m really dumb.

    • I swear I think it’s harder for the adults than the kids. My daughter can do it way better than I can. I still struggle with the pulling through part lol

  54. Sonya at

    I just showed this to my 4 year old daughter!!! She did it in 2 minutes!!!!!!! She was so excited! She’s been trying to tie her show for the past 2-2 1/2 years using the “normal” techniques and she was so disappointed in herself :(… THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!

    • 2 minutes! Wow that’s a new record! I think the best part of this whole thing is that feeling of “I can do it” for the kids. The look on their faces is priceless. So glad this worked for your daughter!

  55. Dexter at

    I have been using this since i was in grade 1 I am now in grade 8 and still use it, it never gets old showing friends because the are always amazed!

  56. Denise at

    My son is 13 and is Autistic. We have been trying to teach him how to tie his shoes for over 6 years. We have even paid for occupational therapy to work on his fine motor skills….this still didn;t help. I am soooooooo excited to say….after watching this video with him, he is now able to tie his shoes!!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! :) I am one happy Mama!!! Now we are headed to the mall cause he said he wants a pair of Nike running shoes!!!! Awesome :)

    • That is sooo AWESOME! I’m so glad this worked for him! And I hope he loves the new Nikes :-) Thanks for sharing this with us!

  57. Casey at

    I cannot figure this out! Lol. What’s wrong with me?!

  58. Erica at

    I’m not exaggerating when I say I watched the first video at minimum a dozen times, and where to grab the laces is what tripped me up. It took me half an hour to figure it out. Yet I was able to teach a good friend of mine (who is 30) in literally one minute. She had it down on her third try. The difference? I was able to slow down. If I may make a suggestion to Joseph, make another video with the same POV but slow it down, and maybe get closer to her fingers so people can better see where to pull through. The problem with the second video is that the POV needs to be what *we* are looking at.

    • Thanks for the suggestion. I think you’re right…it is the POV that makes it difficult. I’ll work on putting up another video from a “looking down at your own shoe” point of view. Stay tuned…

      • Wow!!! This is amazing!!! I would love to see the video from that point of view, my daughter reallyyyy needs this!!!

  59. I started my own shoelace company when my daughter was learning to tie. I hand-dye laces 2 different colors to help children see which part of the lace to loop and which to swirl around. We have found the bi-colored laces SO helpful.
    Here’s my site:

  60. Laura at

    Love it! Can’t wait to show the kiddos at work :)

  61. Jasmine at

    We call it the “crabby claw” method at home. :-)

  62. Jennifer at

    I’m in tears!!!!!!!!!!! My son is going into the 3rd grade and can not tie his shoes. He has cerebral palsy and a learning disorder and desperately wants to learn. The weakness in his hands makes it so difficult to learn the other ways and his learning disability makes the multi-step way impossible for him to remember. Thanks so much for posting this you have made our day, Ryan actually wrote that his dream is to tie his shoes thanks for helping me make that dream comes true.

    • That is fantastic :-) Way to go Ryan! Glad I could help in some small way ;-) Thanks for sharing this with us

  63. Mary at

    This is awesome!! My 10 year old knows how to tie his shoes but hates doing it so he just stuffs his laces into his shoes. My 3 year old is desperate to learn how to tie his shoes and I know he’s way too young but at least when he’s ready I will know an easier way to teach him! My mom is a kindergarten teacher and I am sending this to her to show her kids, this is so easy!!

  64. Dee at

    Amazing! I work with a little one who has autism. One of his skills is learning to tie his shoes, I will be teaching this to him tonight! Thank you!

  65. Jennifer at

    OMG! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’ve been putting off teaching my little one how to tie her shoes, but I’m going to show her this way tonight. So excited! lol

  66. Thank you for sharing this! Pinning it now :-)

  67. kim at

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I am teaching this to my daughter in the morning!!! We’ve tried so many times and I know she is going to get this technique! Thanks!

  68. samantha at

    Thank you so much for this!! I saw it yesterday and I had just said to my 5 year old that morning, we need to teach you how to tie your shoes. We had tried previously…but as mentioned, teaching to tie a shoe is like teaching Latin! I sat down with him for about 15 minutes and boom…he tied his shoes himself this morning. God Bless you! :)

  69. Jackie at

    taught our autistic 7 year old in 2 days now he can do it with his eyes closed

  70. Amanda at

    Have you ever used this technique? I don’t currently use this method, but I know how to. I was taught the traditional “loop, swoop, and pull” method.

    Have you ever taught a child to tie their shoes? I taught both of my nephews this method. I taught my oldest at 7 and I’m not sure if he uses it now, but the nephew I taught at 4 (who is Autistic) still uses this method today (he’s almost 12).

    I loved it and it was simple! <3

  71. Lorena at

    Thanks thanks thanks
    My son is starting now to tie his shoes and this video it’s very helpful, I can´t wait to show it to him, because he is a little frustrated

  72. Zoe at

    Thanks so much for sharing! I will definitely be trying this with my five year old, she starts kindergarten in the fall and while I understand from the teacher’s point of view of having to tie 25 kids shoes multiple times a day I also refuse to go to velcro (mostly because my daughter always complains that velcro shoes don’t stay tight enough for her to run around in all day)!

  73. Ashley at

    I have been struggling with my 7 year old son for a few months now trying to teach him how to tie his shoes. I stumbled across your video last night after he was sleeping, as soon as he got home from school today I introduced your process and for the first time ever my son tied his own shoe!!! I can not thank you enough for posting this video!

  74. Kim at

    Thank You soo much! I watched your video last night and I showed my “just turned” 5 year old this morning before pre-school. I told her we would work on it later but she already got it before we arrived at school! The best part isn’t not having to tie her shoes it was the look on her face when she got it herself! She’s been at it all day. Thanks a million.

  75. Sybrina at

    I teach preschool and kindergarten in Japan and this is great not only for shoes, but for tying the children’s bento bags, too! Now they can tie up their own bags after lunch is over! Thank you so much!

  76. Jessica C. at

    I just taught my daughter (who JUST turned 5) how to tie her shoes in 15 min!!! This was THE BEST tutorial ever! Thank you so much & I will be sharing this with everyone I know! :)

  77. Anonymous at

    I have a home daycare and I know I’m going to have some happy parents!!! Thanks for the amazing trick!!!

  78. Karter at

    I know this might sound weird but you saved my life i’m 12 years old and I don’t know how to tie my shoes which as you imagine is embarrassing I watched your video and was amazed at how fast I tied my shoes thank you so much.

  79. Yolanda at

    Wow, this is awesome! I’m going to try to teach my 4-year old!!! And introduce the technique in the Netherlands ;-)

  80. I’ve been laughing at the way my 59 year old hubby ties his laces ….can’t explain it but will show him this one ….he says his never get loose…better teach him while he is still sane….lol he watched it and said close, same principal thanks will post anyhow….lots of little ones that need to learn…..

  81. Monica at

    This is amazing! My 5 year old has vision problems with depth perception issues. She was having trouble learning the method I was using. I stumbled across this video on Pinterest and literally taught her this morning before school! Thank you SO much!

  82. melissa at

    thank you! We have been trying to teach our son off and on for 2 years. It took me a few tries to follow the instructions, but once I got it I taught him in 5 minutes.

  83. WOW!!! I am so excited to show my daughter this! Thank you.

  84. DeNise Kendrick-Stevens at

    If it helps kids learn, then I’m all for it. I used a different technique when I ran a home daycare. All of my kids could do it by the time they were TWO years old. They loved going home and tying the laces of their OLDER siblings.

    Step 1) Cross laces like normal.
    Step 2) Form 2 loops (one with each lace).
    Step 3) Cross the two loops just like step one. (During this step, I had 2-3 year olds recite “the bunny goes around the tree and into the hole.)
    Step 4) Pull tight.
    Step 5) SMILE!!!

  85. Beth at

    AWESOME! Thank you for sharing. I am going to try this with my 4 year old. :)

  86. Erica at

    Maybe I’m just dumb but this makes absolutely no sense to me. The whole “put your fingers in front/behind the laces” I’m not quite understanding what that means. I tried on my daughter’s shoe and couldn’t figure out how to hold the laces with those fingers in front/behind. ugh

  87. Jen & Jacob at

    Thank you! Just taught my (almost) eight year old how to tie his shoes. He is “happy and excited” to be able to do it himself. The POV video made the difference.

    • Fantastic! Thanks for the feedback on the POV video too. I’m glad to know it was helpful :-)

  88. JL at

    I can not thank you enough! I have a child who is, let’s just say, WAY past the age of learning to tie shoes and we have had nothing but frustration, fighting, self-consciousness, embarrassment around peers, and low self-esteem for many years over this issue. This same child, who is extremely intelligent and well beyond his grade level in many academic areas, really struggles with motor skills. As you might imagine, that contradiction in his brain is beyond frustrating. It was to the point where he didn’t even want to try anymore. We long ago gave up on that bunny nonsense, but when he also couldn’t get the double-loop way I’ve always used, I didn’t know what else to do. I showed him this and within 10 minutes, he mastered a skill that has eluded him for way too many years. He thanked me profusely for teaching him, so I’m in turn, profusely thanking you. Thank you thank you thank you!!!! I’ve been praying daily for opportunities to build his confidence (in many areas) and this was truly an answer to prayer. We are absolutely ecstatic and I believe this will be a turning point for my son. So happy!

    • Wow, thank you so much for sharing that! Comments like this are what inspire me to keep going. I’m so happy you stumbled across this and it was helpful for your son. Give him a high five for me ;-)

  89. Julie K at

    Holy Cow – I am the mother of 4 kids and its time for #3 to learn to tie shoes and I was JUST not into it, but committed to him (and myself) that he would learn before Kindergarten – this tie is *awesome* and so much less stressful!!!!

    • Hi Julie,

      I can certainly relate to the whole “Just not into it” feeling. Who knew something we do everyday like tying our shoes could be so complicated to teach!? I’m glad this was able to take some of the stress out of it for you!

  90. Tawnya at

    Thanks for the video Joseph Michael. My kids just turned 7 and they wanted to buy tie up shoes yesterday. I said that they had to promise to learn, so I decided to look on the computer and found your site first. I showed my son and he got it in 5 min. My daughter got frustrated in the first 2min and was sent to time out. I will teach her again tomorrow. I am sure she will get in too.

    • Haha awww. It can be a little frustrating at first. I’m sure they will both be lacing up by the end of the week ;-)

  91. Julie R at

    OMG! Thank you so much, my 5 years old just learned it with this video and we are so thrill!!!! He teach his sister after because she knows how to do it in another way…. and now he is very excited to go Kindergarten with this new skill!!!

    • YES!! That’s awesome. It always helps to march into Kindergarten with new shoe tying skills! Glad I could help. Thanks for sharing.

  92. Tanya at

    Well I feel silly after reading the comments… It definitely took more than 5 min. for me and my husband to figure this out. But we got it! We find it harder than the traditional way but it is a good knot. I will be tying my shoes like this from now on. But my almost 7 year old is having a very hard time.

  93. My 7 year has been terrified to go to second grade because she heard a rumor those teachers won’t help her tie her shoes. She practiced this for five minutes before insisting I video her new skill and send it to her grandparents. The burst of self-confidence was a pleasure to witness. Thanks for the video (the final video at the bottom worked best for me–the one with the shoe on the black background and pink shoelaces).


    • The burst of self-confidence these little ones get from being able to do something on their own is my favorite part! I’m glad this helped. Thanks for commenting.

  94. Amanda at

    The POV video makes all the difference in seeing how to do this method properly. But my problem with this method is that I feel like it is overly complicated for a child. Putting the fingers in front and then behind, and then twisting your hands in opposite directions (and you have to twist the correct way), then grabbing and letting go all at the same time…all of these steps seem difficult for a child to execute, especially if they are just learning to tie shoes for the first time.

    My way:
    1. Cross the laces (as usual)
    2. Make a loop with one lace
    3. Go around the base of the loop with the other lace, and push through (AKA the bunny goes around the tree and in the hole)
    4. Pull tight

    I think my way is better because in each step you are really only doing one easy-to-understand thing at a time. The only even slightly tricky part is the bunny going down the hole. (BTW, I wasn’t taught about the tree and the bunny when I was a kid, I’m just using that terminology now for clarity’s sake since it’s pretty universally known.) I remember getting one or two demonstrations and then being able to tie my own shoes, all in less than five minutes, and I was five. And you end up with the same knot as the magic fingers method (different from the knot you get when you make two loops which you then tie with an overhand knot, which I think is a more difficult method than mine as well because you have to try and hold one loop with each hand while you knot them, but easier to understand and pick up from a demonstration than the magic fingers method.

  95. Gaby at

    I try this with my son, it literally took 5 min. To be able to show him I had to learn myself first. He was so happy and excited, he could not wait to show his nanny and pappy.
    Thank you so so much.

  96. Anonymous at

    Thank you for slowing the video down, I hope this helps us!

  97. Susan at

    This is awesome. I have a 9 year old who have very poor fine motor skills, and trying to learn to tie his shoes is so frustrating to him and he just gives up. I’m going to show him this video and go from there. I’ll let you know how it works out :)

  98. Dreamindar at

    My 10 year old son really dislikes tying his shoes. He can tie them but it takes him several minutes to get them done and they are always pretty loose and come untied pretty often.

    I showed him your video and even though it looked easy he was resistant to try “one more way” and was convinced it wouldn’t help him. I told him he HAD to try it but we would ONLY work on it for 5 minutes…after all, what’s 5 minutes of your life, right?

    Anyway, as you can imagine, he picked it RIGHT up and did shoe tying demonstrations for me all day yesterday. The real test was when he put his tennis shoes on this morning without any complaints and his bows are PERFECT and tight.

    Thanks so much for posting this video!!! And sorry for yelling, I’m just so excited!

  99. Anonymous at

    Thank you so much this is way better than the bunny trick cuz my 5yr old don’t get along with that bunny lol but really thanks this a really good way n video n I’m gonna share it with my friends n family :)

    • Haha yeah that bunny trick just doesn’t work well for some. Thanks for reading and sharing!

  100. david masaoka at

    knot shown looks like granny slip knot. go the other way for square slip knot that holds better and ears are horizontal.
    good technique, though.

    • Hmm that’s interesting. Thanks David

    • Erica B. at

      That’s how I used to tie my shoes (until I found this blog post). My mom and I noticed that when my stepdad tied his shoes the bows laid nice and flat, so we taught ourselves how to do it. We always thought it’s because he’s left-handed but I don’t know if there’s any correlation though. I still like this new way better; my bows lay nice and I have to to have my shoes come untied. LOL

  101. Sharon Wagner at

    This skill has eluded my son who is 9. In just 3 minutes and watching the POV video he has it. Such a grin covered his face! Priceless!
    Thank you for this great gift!

  102. Amanda Hansen at

    I stumbled across this earlier today in search of a easy way to reach my 7 year old. After about 10 attempts on my part I figured it out. It took about 15 mins to get her to finally get it. And now she can tie her shoes she’s very excited.

  103. Anonymous at

    What do I do with the new Velcro shoes in her cupboard that I bought on sale :( Thank you so much though.

  104. Shannon Shreve at

    That is amazing!! I got it the second time I tried. I can’t wait to show my daughter!!

    • I still think it’s pretty amazing too! Let us know how it goes with your daughter. Thanks for reading!

  105. Angela at

    I just taught my 3 year old with this method!!!

    • 3 Year old!? Wow that’s crazy! Maybe I should change the title to “How To Teach A 3-Year Old To Tie Shoes in 5 minutes” – I’m sure that would definitely spark some curiosity haha. Thanks for commenting.

  106. Hah! So clever. I can’t wait to show my boys. They know how to tie their shoes, they just don’t stay because they haven’t figured out how to pull them tight enough. It’s kindof addicting to do it over and over again.

    • Haha it is kind of addicting isn’t it ;-) thanks for reading and I hope it helps your boys!

  107. casey at

    Amazing! I have been trying to teach my daughter to tie for months and to her dismay she really couldn’t get all the coordination down….UNTIL I watched you video 10 minutes ago!!! 5 minutes in she had it down!!! Her little sister is picking up on it now so in 5 more minutes both my 5&3 year old will be tying their own shoes!!! Thank you!!!

    • Wow that is so awesome! What a great head start for your 3 year old too! I love hearing stories like this. Thanks for sharing Casey!

  108. Anonymous at

    The perspective video made a BIG difference in understanding the step. Wondering if your an OT-I am and this will help lots of people with coordination issues :).


  109. Are. You. KIDDING ME!!! I just took the hugest sigh of relief. I have been trying to teach my 6yo how to tie his shoes for soooooooooooooo long, failing. Even today, just browsing online at shoes for him, as he needs another pair, I was surfing through the velcro shoes wondering if that’s the direction I should take again. Because, was it all really worth the stress? Would he just pick it up eventually? After watching this, and knowing my son’s learning style, this next pair of shoes I buy will be laces.

    • Oh man I can totally relate. I know that feeling. I really hope this works for your son. Come back and let us know how it goes. Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment.

  110. Leslie at

    taught my 6 year old in 7 minutes… his 4 year old brother is determined to tie as well and is taking a bit more time.
    I tried to teach my husband this method and he still hasn’t gotten it… so if you want a quick way to teach your kids this way is awesome! harder for the adult to teach!

    • You are so right – the kids seem to pick it right up. It’s us adults that struggle with it haha.

  111. Rachel at

    I came across this via Pinterest, I haven’t yet tried to teach my 5 year old how to tie his shoes, but you reminded me of a way I sometimes tie mine. Just because I thought you might be interested, here’s a link to other methods of tying shoes:

  112. Justlittleoldme at

    Hmm. Will have to try that. As someone who works sometimes with Kindergartners it would be wonderful if parents could teach that skill to kids before they come to school. Most schools ask for velcro sneakers for kids until they can tie “well” (not just make a series of knots which they then can not undo, lol). And there’s a reason for that, 20+kids taking off outdoor shoes, putting on indoor shoes to be in class, on time, and then at recess, outdoor shoes again. Ooh recess over, indoor shoes. And it goes on and on, day after day. Please try and teach your child this (or any other) tying method. (Or continue to send the velcro sneakers!)

    • Haha wow! I never thought about how many teachers probably have this problem. That has to be so exhausting! I imagine more teachers will probably share this post than parents lol! Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment.

  113. Holy cow! I can’t believe that I’ve never seen this method in my entire life. You’ve got me all excited about tying my shoes, and I’m 50 years old! I showed my 15 year old and completely blew her mind, too. I can’t wait to show some of my teacher friends. This should be required learning for all elementary teachers.

  114. Annette LaComb at

    I help out in a Kindergarten classroom and this is GREAT! I am forwarding this to the teacher. The ‘point of view’ video was what I really wanted to see. If you don’t understand it on your own foot, it’s hard to share the knowledge. Thanks so much!

  115. Jacquelyn at

    I find this harder to learn and teach.

  116. Please see my blog post! I am a first grade teacher. Literally, in 15 minutes or less today, I taught 3 of my kiddos how to tie their shoes! AMAZING! Can’t wait to try again with another 3 students tomorrow and celebrate their success!

    • Hi Teresa,

      Wow, thank you so much for that amazing blog post. I really enjoyed seeing the video’s of the kids tying their shows. So cool and so inspiring! Thanks for sharing and I hope it works for the other students as well!

  117. OCDave at

    If you’re gonna teach them how to tie their shoes, at least show them how to do it correctly. If you look at the picture of your completed knot, you will see that the loops are oriented vertically on the shoe, rather than laying across the shoe in a more aesthetically manner. This is caused by initially crossing the laces in the wrong direction. Try crossing them in the opposite direction and finish the remainder of the knot like normal. The loops will now lay from side-to-side instead of up-and-down. It always amazes people at parties when I teach them how to tie their shoes the “right way” after 40 years…

  118. Christine at

    There must be something wrong with me, because I can’t tie a shoe using this method. I’m giving up and will teach my 6 yr old the old fashioned way with 1 bunny ear.

  119. Great article! But there is a good alternative how to easily teach kids. This is Shoosey! Very interesting device that every child will fall in love into.

  120. Ricanne at

    I am a Kindergarten teacher and tie shoes off and on everyday. I can’t wait to teach this technique. Thank you so much!

  121. 1busymomx4 at

    The first video totally had me 4 ten minutes….then I realized you had a 2nd POV. THAT did it! Thanks!

  122. libby at

    An easier way is to begin with crossing the ties, then pinching the remaining strings in the middle and crossing them over again which forms the bow,,,

  123. Andee at

    My son is nearly 5 and wants so badly to tie his and his baby sisters shoes. Ive shown him all the common methods and he just ends up frustrated with knots. I’m soooo giving this a shot. Thanks!

  124. Ingrid C. at

    WHOA! This so great, the new from-my-perspective video was super helpful for this visual learner! Not only am I teaching my kids this method (and sharing w/ our homeschool co-op:) but
    I’m going to tie my shoes this way from now on. Thank you :)

  125. Christina at

    WOW!!!!! My 7 year old can tie her shoes but i couldn’t teach her. (In fact, I don’t know who did…hmmm) And watching her is painful as it is an extremely laborious. Thanks! I am going to share this far and wide especially with all my homeschool friends. WOW!

  126. Love the point of view video. My son gets totally frustrated, but point of view never lets him down. Thanks!

  127. Anonymous at

    I must be stupid. this makes no sense to me and the pictures are of no help to me. I do not understand and will keep doing it what i guess is the hard way. I just don’t get it

  128. Kevin at

    Awesome, I got the hang of it after 5 minutes. I tried teaching my 6 year old, but no dice yet. I know she’ll have it by tomorrow. Excellent instructional video.

  129. anna at

    This is WAY too complicated for a younger child. My 4 year old learned to tie her shoes with the “bunny” method with no problem (bunny around the tree through hole). Velcro shoes are a scourge. Kids learn persistence and build confidence by learning to tie their shoes. Even kids years older are amazed that my daughter wears “real” shoes and can tie them. Worth a little time putting in to teach them, if you ask me!

  130. Jen at

    THIS IS AMAZING!!! I teach first grade and can’t wait to teach this!!! Can I link it to my website at school for parents to use?


  131. Ellie at

    I just taught this to my daughter who just turned 5! She is thrilled! We’ve never bought lace up shoes for her before, but now she is excited to get a pair :)

  132. Why would you wait till your child was SIX to teach them to tie shoes… WOW!!

  133. Spoonie at

    This is Ian’s knot.

    It is as hard as making rice crispy treats, but much faster. Challenge your kid to a race, see if they can beat your time. See if they can beat their friends time.

  134. Dee at

    Now I have a 23 and 20 years old, and I am not sure when they started tying their shoes, however my grand son has been tying his shoes since age 3, as a matter of fact he taught some of his 4 years old classmates to tie theirs. And he was taught the bunny rabbit ears method. My question is what are is normal age for tying their shoes?

  135. Gayle at

    Two ideas to make this more clear: Take your photos from above, like you are looking down on the shoe you are tying. Use two different color laces (you could tie two together by the toe and just lace it up). Craft directions often show it like that.

  136. Molly Eness at

    This is how I tie my shoes but you could do 2 things better. For one thing instead of doing the cross and wrap around for the first step just do the same thing that you do to tie the laces only pull the ends all the way through. Second, do the x and the bow in opposite directions so that the shoes will stay tied.

    I learned this from a guy from a small village in Alaska where everyone ties their shoes like this.

  137. molly at

    wish I had seen this 2 years ago when trying to teach my granddaughter. How simple!!!!! Thanks

  138. I know how to tie my shoelaces on shoes!

  139. Its is so easy to do that!

  140. Diane Newman at

    While we are all amazed as adults, has anyone taught his/her child(ren) and been successful? As a teacher for 32 years, it’s still a lot of steps and a certain degree os pressure or tautness of the laces is required. I can’t imagine most young kids learning all those steps in 5 minutes WHILE holding the laces tight enough. Hmmmm. Maybe …

    • Erica B. at

      I have, but it took closer to 10 minutes.

      • Natalie at

        My son picked it up right away. G

  141. Laura at

    Thank you SO MUCH. My 9 nine year old daughter is profoundly dyslexic, and even though she “knows how” to tie, often she loops the wrong way or the laces are too loose. She got this the second time she tried it… and they STAY tied! P.S. Continued difficulty in tying shoes is one of the pre-reading age signs of dyslexia.

  142. Chad at

    This was the best thing to show my 4 year old. She picked it up right away and was doing it by herself within a hour. Thank for the YouTube version.

  143. Judi Gott at

    I did it!! This is fabulous!! I babysit, and I’ll be showing this method to everyone!

  144. Cheryl Whitley at

    Oh my gosh! WHERE was this when I was trying to teach my left-handed son!?! (I am right-handed). This is awesome!

  145. Derek at

    That woman is really cute.

  146. catherine at

    that looks harder to do and confusing to explain. so i’ll leave it thanks

  147. Amy at

    She did it! My “that-looks-hard-no-thanks-I’ll-wear-velcro-forever” 8-year-old tied her shoe on the first try! It will take some time to make it fluid, but the smile on her face when she tied that shoe tells me it won’t take much time at all. Thanks so much for putting this together! :D

  148. carole at

    Could not learn to tie my shoes when I was little (many, many moons ago) so friend showed me to make 2 loops and then tie like you were double tying. So much easier to learn than traditional way children are taught to tie. Also easier to learn to half double knot. Just take 1 loop before pulling loops tight, pull through knot area again, then pull tight. Shoes stay tied and still untie like normal.

  149. Anonymous at

    learn yourself correct grammer.

  150. Tricia at

    Found this today. Decided to try it with my “slow shoe tying” 6 year old and my other “Why do I need to learn to tie shoes?” 6 year old…..Took the boys 3 minutes to learn this way. They loved it so much, they ran to get all their “shoelace” shoes and demanded a bike ride just so they could wear tie shoes. Thanks for the great tip and video.

  151. Anonymous at

    Worth learning but please don’t expect your child to get it in 5 minutes. Some will but a lot won’t. A lot of children would struggle with the fine motor skills required. There are little details left out of the presentation like needing to hold the lace tight with your pinky fingers. For some kids the whole concept of each hand facing a different way will be very challenging.

  152. Andrea at

    Wow thank you. It’s so easy this way. No off to teach my 7 year old!

  153. debra at

    Wow that was so easy. Def needed the second video to show it from my point of view. Once I worked out how to hold my fingers it was so easy. Will be teaching my 7yr old for sure. Will also show the 11yr old. :)

  154. Betsy at

    I have been trying for half an hour now. Even with the step by step instructions, I cannot do it. I just on’t seem to have enough fingers to hold the stings that way. There is one very frustrated adult here. Shoe – throw – wall!

  155. Or you could just get them Synch Bands, so much easier and cleaner looking.

    • Gary at

      Your video sucks!!!! Where you pull is beyond me….and why show a frontal view…show from the top. Geez.

      • Thanks Gary. Glad you appreciate it. You might want to scroll further down and watch the “point of view” video.

  156. Karl Houghton at

    Tried to tech my daughter the magic fingers method but she just couldn’t get it so went with the wrap around method. Three tries later she was tying her laces. different strokes for different folks

  157. kelly at

    just been shoe shopping with my 7 year old and was limited to Velcro only, came home and found this and your right 5 minutes is all it took, think it took me longer. How brilliant. thankyou

  158. Better late than never…6 is a little late to just be learning how to tie your own shoes.

  159. Natalie at

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! This made our day! I have been after my 8 year old to learn how to tie for years. He just gets frustrated at the thought of it. We watched the point of view video together, got out fingers set up and WA-LAH! He had his tied before I did!!! One try was all it took! He is so excited (as am I) and cannot wait to go to school and help his friends that cannot tie yet!

  160. lata at

    Thank you for sharing this technique. Perfect for beginners who are learning to tie their shoe laces. Very much appreciate it.

  161. Anne at

    I developed a similar method to yours based on Ian’s Knot. It was a modification to Ian’s knot that was easier for my daughter to master with her limited coordination skills. She was 4.5 years old at the time. I’ve used it now to teach other preschoolers of about the same age. I would be happy to share it with you if you are interested in details.

  162. Wonderful..
    According to this simple description any kid can learn to tie shoelace. But if we can add a cute shoelace charms in every shoes as a gift I am sure that kids will love it!

  163. Thank you so much for the point of view video! I have an 8 year old that could tie her shoes but took her FOREVER in the morning! I found out that sometimes at school she would get so frustrated that she just had her friends tie them for her! Well, I told her spring break we were going to find an easier/faster way to get this task done!! WE FOUND YOU and your video!! So excited for her and thankful for your “method of genius”!!!!!

  164. Jen Pasion at

    Thank you so much for the point of view video. I had seen the “Magic Fingers” video but couldn’t seem to make it work. Seeing it from the point of view of the person wearing the shoes is so helpful!

  165. Samantha Garner at

    Definitely bookmarking this. My 5 year old really wants to be able to tie her shoes, and I have all but given up trying to teach her. Tried this one and she still cant quite get it, but I think this is the one we wilk be working on from now on. Thank you.

  166. Anonymous at

    I can’t figure this out, very frusterating

  167. Awesome!! Can’t wait to teach my 5 years old I take care for

  168. Scott at

    As an adult I love this method, but it was too confusing for my 4.5 yr old. We used easy tie shoe laces to teach her to tie. They made teaching her so much easier because they were stiffer and dual colored. You might actually want to try them for your video because they would clarify the process.

    Thanks for the great site.

  169. Carmen at

    Love the concept but it’s badly presented. Our viewpoint should be as if we were tying them. It’s confusing twisting my head around trying to imagine the shoes in front of me!

  170. I like the valuable information you provide on your articles.
    I will bookmark your blog and test once more here frequently.
    I’m relatively certain I will be informed lots of new stuff right here!
    Best of luck for the next!

  171. Nicole at

    Wow. I’m literally in awe. Lol I’ve been struggling with how to teach my 7 yr old son how to tie. He wants to learn but after several attempts he gives up and becomes resistant to learning. Thank u so much for posting this! It will help us out so much, and my son will feel proud he finally accomplished it.

  172. This is great. As an expert in shoe tying I love to see great examples that help people learn. From my experience dual colored shoelaces can be a HUGE help. You can find them at

  173. Stunning story there. What occurred after? Thanks!

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    impressed! Very helpful info specially the ultimate phase
    :) I take care of such information much. I was looking for this particular
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  175. Anonymous at

    The first half of the video was stolen from and the second half has a spelling error on step 7.

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  177. Buy to your children lacefix from and that´s all :D

  178. Anne Collings at

    Thank you so much for this video. My son is 9 and been struggling with his laces since he was 5. However, now after seeing this he can do his own laces in 5 seconds and to prove he finds it easy, he can do them up with his eyes closed and is happy to show anyone who will sit and watch. So thank you once again from a happy mum

  179. china at

    The shoes are so dirty

  180. Josie at

    The Point of view clip is WAY better!!! Couldn’t get it from the original clip and I’m 34 years old and tying my laces with 30 years. Well done, will be showing my 6 and 4 years olds this way as we were getting really stuck with the ‘Bunny Ears way’

  181. I use an even simpler method for teaching children to try their own shoes It’s Called the Butter-Fly Method, start as normal by tying the shoe laces together left over right and slide 1 under the other and pull tight then make each lace into a Butterfly wing loop ()-() then tie 2nd loop over the other and thread through underneath 1st loop and pull tight. Very Easy.

  182. Gina at

    My daughter is 6 and has always been behind in gross and fine motor skills. WAY behind. She is VERY far ahead in language skills. This didn’t work at all. I seriously think she’ll be in middle school before she learns to tie her shoes!

  183. I started teaching a kindergarten enrichment class and decided I wanted first thing to teach these kids how to tie their shoes. It’s a big milestone in their self-esteem and usually hard to learn. In all honesty, it takes more than 6 minutes to master, of course, but the concept is simple. Frankly, it took me longer to teach myself a new way to tie than it did to explain it to the kids and help them get started. Within 20 mins, they were practicing left and right hand finger and lace wrapping. Within half an hour, each child had successfully tied, with guidance. We then only practiced two/three times a day for the rest of the week. By week’s end, they can tie. This is an excellent method for younger kids. Thanks for the post! And I can assure you, I have some pleased and happy parents of my school-kids that THEY didn’t have to teach them! 9/21/14

  184. this is bullshit i can do the same fucking thing on my own without following your fucking dickbag instructions you goddamn sons of bitches

  185. Adrian at

    This is great. Thanks for the tip!
    I think that using the word “pinch” is misleading though. It suggests that the thumb and finger of one hand need to both squeeze the lace held in the other hand. I tried for about 20 minutes and just didn’t get it. Then I realized that what is really needed is not really pinching but “hooking” – the thumb of the first hand hooks around the lace in the second hand and the finger of that second hand hooks around the lace in the first hand. There is no pinching going on. In my case (right handed) the thumb of my left hand hooks the lace from the right hand and the finger of my right hand hooks the lace from my left hand. Can’t wait to test on my son when he gets back from school!

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